Peri Ankh Student Endowment Fund Membership

Peri Ankh is a registered student group, and we welcome anyone to join!

In addition to general members, Peri Ankh leadership is composed of 2 Peri Ankh Class Officers, 1 Board member from each current medical school class, and other Executive Council members.

The Class Officers are elected by their respective classes during class elections; their purpose is to serve as a liaison between Peri Ankh and their class, facilitating communication and garnering support. The Board member is elected by the current Board and approved by the Medical Student Executive Council (MSEC). He or she will join the Board of Trustees, comprised of 6 alumni of UTCOM, 1 faculty member, 2 resident members, and 4 current students, who determine allocations of funds.

Peri Ankh Executive Council Leadership

Will Gordon, Class Officer photo

Will Gordon
Class Officer Class of 2013

Meredith Metcalf, Class Officer photo

Meredith Metcalf
Class Officer Class of 2014

Cory Vaughn, Alumni Relations photo

Cory Vaughn
Alumni Relations

Sarah Perry Ziebarth , Class Officer photo

Sarah Perry Ziebarth
Class Officer Class of 2013

 Cayce Nawaf,  photo

Cayce Nawaf
Executive Council Member Class of 2013

Alex Habasby, Board Member and Treasurer photo

Alex Habasby
Board Member and Treasurer

Jenna McKinnie, Class Officer photo

Jenna McKinnie
Class Officer Class of 2014

Zach Nahmias, Alumni Relations photo

Zach Nahmias
Alumni Relations

Michelle Roark Bowden photo

Michelle Roark Bowden
Board Member and President

Rob Peeler

Rob Peeler
Board member, Class of 2015

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