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College of Medicine Administration

Robert Kaplan Executive Dean and Vice Chancellor of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Scott Strome

Scott E. Strome, MD  

Clinical Affairs

Jonathan McCullers, MD
Interim Senior Executive Associate Dean and COO of Clinical Affairs

Jimmie Mancell, MD
Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at Methodist University Hospital

Faculty Affairs

Dr. Polly Hofmann

Polly Hofmann, PhD
Senior Executive Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs

Finance and Administration

Teresa Hartnet

Teresa Hartnett, EdD, MPA
Associate Dean, Finance and Administration 

Helen Parsons, MBA
Director of Finance and Administration 

Graduate Medical Education and Continuing Medical Education

Dr. Natascha Thompson

Natascha Thompson, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Designated Institutional Official

Medical Education

Dr. Michael Whitt

Michael Whitt, PhD
Associate Dean and Chair, Medical Education 

James Patrick Ryan, PhD  
Senior Assistant Dean, Basic Science Curriculum 

Angela R. Cantrell, PhD
Assistant Dean, Basic Science Curriculum

G. Stephen Nace, MD, FACP 
Assistant Dean of Curriculum Integration 

Dr. Valerie Jameson

Valerie Jameson, MD  
Senior Assistant Dean, Clinical Curriculum

Kristen A. Bettin, MD
Assistant Dean, Clinical Curriculum

Vicki Park, PhD 
Assistant Dean for Program Assurance 

Dr. Renate Rosenthal

Renate Rosenthal, PhD  
Assistant Dean for Behavioral Science Integration 


Leigh Darryl Quarles, MD
Associate Dean of Research 

Student Affairs and Admissions

Dr. Catherine Womack

Catherine R. Womack, MD
Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Admissions 

Dr. Sara Cross

Sara Cross, MD
Interim Assistant Dean, Student Affairs 

Dr. Nelson Strother

E. Nelson Strother, MA  
Assistant Dean, Admissions 

Gerald J. Presbury, MD
Assistant Dean, Admissions 

College of Medicine, Chattanooga

Robert Bruce Shack, MD

Robert Fore, EdD
Associate Dean Academic Affairs and CME 

Charles L Campbell, MD
Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs 

Mukta Panda, MD
Assistant Dean, Medical Education 

College of Medicine, Knoxville

Paul J. Hauptman, MD, FHFSA
Professor, Department of Medicine 

Kristi Roe
Administrative Specialist, Office of the Dean

Amy Paganelli, CPA, MBA 
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration

Jonathan S. Wall, PhD
Director of Research

William Metheny, PhD 
Designated Institutional Official (DIO) and Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical and Dental Education

Rajiv Dhand, MD  
Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs

Saint Thomas Health, Nashville

Gregory L. James, MD
Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Graduate Medical Education 

Last Published: Aug 25, 2020