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Department of Urology


The Department of Urology at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center's mission is to be recognized as a Center of Excellence in Urology through the promotion of education, research, patient care, and service to the professional and public community.

Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of the department is that resident and medical student teaching is of the highest priority and that this teaching should occur primarily in the context of active clinical experience in a variety of patient care settings which expose residents to the full spectrum of urologic disease. The education of the resident should be sufficiently structured to gradually increase the resident's responsibility for more complex aspects of urologic care as skills are developed, so that graduating senior residents are fully competent in the medical and surgical aspects of urology.

It is further our philosophy that the education should take place in an environment that both exposes the residents to modern clinical and scientific advances in urology (through conferences and reading assignments) and in an environment where residents are exposed to and participate in urologic research so that they become critical analysts of data imbued with healthy skepticism. With this philosophy and exposure, we expect our graduating residents to, at a minimum, be fully competent in the medical and surgical aspects of urologic disease and to be eager life-long learners of the science and art of urology. It is our philosophy that urologic education should take place in an environment where the faculty role models compassionately demonstrate the art, as well as the science, of medicine

Welcome Dr. Maurizio Buscarini

faculty imageThe UTHSC Department of Urology is happy to announce the addition of Maurizio Buscarini, MD, PhD, MPH-MBA to our faculty as Professor of Urology on March 1, 2020. Dr. Buscarini is a native of Rome, Italy. He is married to Dr. Jacqueline Crupi and they have 3 children. He speaks several languages to include English, Spanish, Italian and French. Dr. Buscarini completed a residency in Urology at University of Rome “La Sapienza”- Rome, Italy in November 1996. He then became a Staff Physician, Department of Urology, Ospedale Civile Pesaro in 1997. 

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In June 1999, he completed a Uro-Oncology Fellowship in The Department of Urology University of Rome which was a combined PhD Program. At this point he was able to obtain funding to complete doctoral studies in the United States. Dr. Buscarini’s US residency training was completed at University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in 2006. In 2007, he began serving as a Clinical Instructor in Endourology/Laparoscopy Surgery at Oregon Health & Science University. His most recent appointment was at Universita’ Campus Biomedico Rome, Italy as Professor of Urology, Director of Urology Residency Program and Robotic Surgery and as Head of Urology Service at “Villa Betania” Hospital in Rome. His clinical interests include Urologic Oncology, Laparoscopy, Endourology, Robotic Surgery and Reconstructive Urology.

Welcome Dr. Jennifer Valli

faculty imageWe are excited to announce Dr. Jennifer Valli, PhD has joined the faculty department with UTHSC Department of Urology on May 1, 2020 as a Clinical Instructor. Dr. Valli’s primary role in the Department of Urology will be providing her much needed expertise as a certified sexual counselor. She will be responsible for faculty, resident, and student education in her area of expertise. She will also provide education and sexual counseling to our patients and assist in developing treatment plans for their sexual dysfunction. She is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Germantown TN as psychotherapist and specialist in sexual health. She provides individual and couples sex and relationship therapy in solo private practice. In 1991 she received a BA and Psychology degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee. She then received a Master of Social Work 1993 from Florida State University in Tallahassee. 

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She then received a Master of Social Work 1993 from Florida State University. In 2014 she became a certified sex therapist with the American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists. That same year she completed the University of Michigan’s Post-Graduate certificate program in Ann Arbor, MI in sexual health, dual tracks of sex educator and sex therapy. She joined UTHSC in 2015 as Instructor in the College of Medicine, Medical Education, Instructor in the College of Health Professions, Occupational Therapy and Instructor in the College of Medicine, Department of OBGYN. In 2019 she received her PhD from the American Academy PhD Clinical Sexology Clinical Sexology in Orlando, Florida.

Last Published: May 13, 2020