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Thank a Resident/Fellow Day 2024

Happy Thank A Resident Day. We love our residents! This annual celebration of humanism is hosted by The Arnold P. Gold Foundation, Gold Humanism Honor Society.

On Friday, February 23, 2024, the UTHSC College of Medicine - Chattanooga and Erlanger hosted a "Thank a Resident Day" luncheon (Noon - 1 pm) to recognize the almost 200 Residents and Fellows who provide quality patient care to the entire Erlanger community and surrounding region.  These Residents and Fellows are involved in the patient care of almost every patient who comes through the Erlanger doors for clinical treatment and support.  Our trainees are vital to the successful mission of Erlanger -- The event was started nationally by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation and its network of Gold Humanism Honor Society Chapters in medical schools and GME Sponsoring Institutions across the country.   

Thank a Resident Day 2024-Administrative Leaders who served our residents

 It's Finally Here... February 23. The Arnold Gold Foundation Gold Humanism Honor Society, Thank a Resident Day

Plans have been underway for several weeks and "Thank a Resident Day" Banners have been on display on almost every floor in the Hospital so staff and patients could sign them.  They will be placed in clinic areas next week so our Residents and Fellows can truly enjoy them.

On the 23rd, more than a hundred UT Resident and Fellow Physicians were able to stop by in the Erlanger POB Conference Room and celebrate with one another and enjoy the Taco Bar, Ice Cream Sundae Station, and  Starbucks Gift Cards for each of our Graduate Medical Education trainees.  The C-Suite and Board members of both institutions served lunch and spoke to the group of Residents, Fellows, Faculty, and administrative staff:  

  • James Haynes, MD, MBA, Dean
  • Paul Schwartzberg, DO, MBA, Associate Dean and DIO
  • Giuseppe Pizzorno, PhD, PharmD, Associate Dean for Research (UT) and Erlanger Chief Research Officer
  • Crystal Maddox, MPA, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
  • Rosalyn Stewart-Kalaukoa, BS, AS, GME Lead Residency Coordinator
  • Stephanie Boyington, PE, Erlanger Board Chair, and her husband, Dane Boyington, PhD
  • Lemon Williams, Erlanger Board member
  • Jim Coleman, MBA, Erlanger Chief Executive Officer
  • Greg Gentry, Erlanger Chief Administrative Officer and Chief of Staff to the CEO
  • Tyler Winks, MBA, RT (R)(CT)(MR) ARRT, FACHE
    Erlanger Interim Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Rachel Harris, BSN, RN, Erlanger Chief Nursing Executive
  • Wendy Fournet, MS, HRLD, Erlanger Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Adam Royer, Erlanger Medical Group Vice President of Operations, Physicians Support Services
  • Adam Schreader,  MSN, NP-BC, Erlanger Vice President of Operations
  • Julie Taylor, President, Erlanger Foundation
  • Chris Vaughn, BSN, RN, Erlanger Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Director of Marketing

The UTHSC College of Medicine - Chattanooga is grateful for the tremendous cooperation of our major partner and affiliated institution, Erlanger, to make this celebration of "Thank a Resident Day 2024" at Erlanger a huge success.  

2024 marks a half-century partnership between the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine – Chattanooga and Erlanger. For five decades, we have been dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare by training tomorrow’s leading clinicians.

UT Health Science Center College of Medicine – Chattanooga and Erlanger’s commitment to excellence has stood the test of time, and together we have played a pivotal role in developing skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals. From classrooms to clinics, our journey has been marked by innovation, collaboration, and a shared passion for advancing medical education.  Please join us by acknowledging the tremendous work these young physicians give every single day.  Photos are below:

OB/GYN Residents:  Drs. Carly Bethune, Haley Bizaro, Meg Sabourin, and Lauren Thompson


Orthopaedic Surgery Residents:  Drs. Mitchell Scull and Dr. Dillon Morrow


Orthopaedic and Surgery Residents enjoying the fun:  Drs. Conor Pumphrey, MacKenzie Pairitz, Nicole Nunez, Mei Ray, Levin Fairchild, and Jackson Fos


UTHSC College of Medicine - Chattanooga Display and Thank a Resident Day Banner ready to sign!


Surgery Chair, Dr. Ben Dart, and Surgery Residency Director thanking several Surgery Residents including Drs. Levin Fairchild, Jordan Raine, Chace Hicks, Alex Urevick, Hunter Parmer, and Catherine Valli


Our DIO, Dr. Paul Schwartzberg personally thanking a group of residents at one of the tables at lunch


Erlanger Board Member, Lemon Williams, and Surgery Residency Director, Dr. Heath Giles, signing a Thank a Resident Day Banner


Residents were very pleased to receive a Starbucks Gift Card as well as the taco bar and ice cream sundae stationms waiting to get their Starbucks Gift Card


Dr. Paul Schwartzber, our DIO welcomes a group of over 100 Residents, Fellows, and Erlanger Board members, and Executives who served the wonderful lunch to our trainees


James Haynes, MD, Dean for the Chattanooga Campus welcomes everyone to our Thank a Resident Day celebration with lots of smiling residents and guests enjoying the fun.  Nolan English and Stacey Malecky were behind the table distributing Gift Cards!


Feb 29, 2024