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Confidential Resident/Fellow Comments

We have created a confidential form to provide another means by which you can notify the Dean, the Associate Dean/DIO, or the Director of Graduate and Medical Student Education of any positive feedback or concerns you have regarding the overall educational program.  These can include identifying a specific problem or concern you may have. You can submit an anonymous comment or you can identify yourself if you want follow-up regarding progress in investigating the concern. All comments will be held confidential by the Director of Graduate Medical Education unless you give permission to share these with the Dean and/or Associate Dean DIO.

QRCode for GME Comment Form   Access the GME Confidential Comment Form via theQRCode using your phone or tablet camera.  

You can also click on this hyperlink to access the Confidential Graduate Medical Education Comment Form.

Once you have entered your comment and completed other information (at your option), you can click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Thank you for taking a moment to notify us. Remember you can also submit comments or concerns as part of your evaluations and through your resident representatives for the Graduate Medical Education Committee.  

Thank you for continuing to bring issues to our attention.  

Pamela D. Scott, C-TAGME, Director of Graduate and Medical Student Education
UT College of Medicine Chattaooga

Sep 16, 2022