Mission, Goals and Objectives

Mission of the Advanced Specialty Education Program in Endodontics

The Advanced Post Graduate Endodontic Program seeks to further the educational, research, clinical, and community service missions of the UTHSC and the College of Dentistry by providing an environment wherein:

  • endodontic residents are educated to provide high quality oral health care based on sound scientific principles
  • patients receive competent, limited endodontic care as part of a comprehensive treatment plan
  • faculty, residents, and program staff members value patients, respect diversity, and share responsibility while working together toward academic, professional, and personal growth
  • scholarly activity and research provide a foundation for evidence-based learning and enhanced health care
  • the Program attracts and retains a superior and diverse faculty, residents and staff who are motivate to excellence
  • the community benefits from Program services and commitment to quality health care

Endodontic Program Goals & Objectives

Program Goal 1: Education

Educate residents in the practice of endodontics.

Objective 1.1: Candidate Selection

Identify, interview, and select applicants with exceptional integrity, motivation, industry, work ethic, resourcefulness, and knowledge.

Objective 1.2: Biomedical Sciences

Expose residents to the biomedical sciences, emphasize basic science-endodontic interrelationships, and encourage synthesis and application of this knowledge in clinical practice.

Objective 1.3: Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Provide residents with sufficient clinical experience to become proficient in diagnostic data collection, pulpal and periradicular diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment sequencing for complicated endodontic patients.

Objective 1.4: Clinical Experiences

Provide residents with a sufficient number of diagnostic, nonsurgical, and surgical clinical experiences that will result in proficiency in the full scope of practice in the field of endodontics.

Objective 1.5: Patient Management

Prepare residents to effectively treat the medically compromised and special needs patient.

Objective 1.6: Review of Relevant Professional Literature

Prepare residents to critically evaluate the dental literature. Expose residents to endodontic and related literature to develop historical perspective and provide theoretical bases for diagnostics, techniques and procedures, management, successes, and failures/complications in the clinical practice of non-surgical and surgical endodontic therapy.

Objective 1.7: American Board of Endodontics

Prepare residents with the knowledge and skill to successfully challenge the American Board of Endodontics examination and qualify as a Board Certified Endodontist.

Program Goal 2: Patient Care

Guide residents in the proficient delivery of state-of-the-art endodontic care to a therapeutically diverse patient population. Residents will manage their clinical activities so that patients are comfortable and treated in a timely and efficient manner.

Objective 2.1: Clinical Proficiency

Train residents to provide endodontic care that addresses patient needs in the areas of comfort, tooth preservation and function.

Objective 2.2: Patient Satisfaction

Train residents to provide quality patient care related to their endodontic needs in a timely and efficient manner using state-of-the-art technology and patient management skills so that patients are satisfied and become ambassadors for the program.

Objective 2.3: Emergency Care

Train residents to manage endodontic emergencies in an efficient manner to quickly establish a diagnosis, determine tooth restorability, and alleviate patient pain prior to definitive endodontic and prosthodontic care

Objective 2.4: Faculty

Provide a faculty composed of high quality dentists and endodontists with broad clinical skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Program Goal 3: Research

Educate residents in the accomplishment of professionally valuable scientific research and scholarly activities.

Objective 3.1: Research Protocol and Design

Provide formal instruction on research design, research protocol development, biostatistics, and report/thesis preparation.

Objective 3.2: Certificate Program

Provide residents in the certificate program an opportunity to plan, conduct, and present the findings of an original research project.

Objective 3.3: Master of Dental Science Program

Ensure that residents who select this optional program accomplish scientific research, provide public defense of their work, submit a thesis, and receive a Master of Dental Science degree upon successful completion.

Program Goal 4: Teaching and Service

Provide the opportunity for residents to participate in endodontic dental teaching and other service-based activities to prepare them to become emissaries for the College of Dentistry, the dental profession, and the specialty of endodontics.

Objective 4.1: Pre-clincial Teaching

Assign residents as teaching assistants in the predoctoral endodontic curriculum at the College of Dentistry.

Objective 4.2: Didactic and Classroom Teaching

Provide residents with the training necessary to present and discuss endodontics to dentists and dental students of all levels.

Objective 4.3: Service

Encourage residents to join local, national and international endodontic organizations with the expectation that they will contribute to dentistry, to their specialty, and to their local communities through service.

The Advanced Post Graduate Endodontic Program is an extension of and partner in the pre-doctoral and post graduation educational expereinces at the College of Dentistry. As such, it is important to emphasize the vision, mission and philosphy of the College of Dentisry .

UTHSC College of Dentistry Mission

To improve human oral health through education, research, clinical care and public service.

UTHSC College of Dentistry Philosophy

The College of Dentistry, a component college of the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, is committed to the highest standards of achievement in all its programs. In accord with its mission and in the pursuit of excellence, the College of Dentistry values and emphasizes:

  • The education and graduation of competent oral health care professionals who are fully prepared with the cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills necessary to manage the oral health care needs of the communities they serve. Specifically included are the analytical and technological skills required to be efficient providers of quality oral health care, to be responsive to future changes in the profession, to be lifetime learners, to advance dental knowledge, and to become leaders in education and organized dentistry.
  • An active research program geared to develop and disseminate new knowledge in the basic, behavioral and clinical sciences, with a focus on knowledge which is directly applicable by the general dentist.
  • A high quality clinical care program providing comprehensive diagnostic, preventive and treatment services to a diverse patient population using contemporary methods, materials and technology.
  • Community service through involvement and leadership in community health-related programs. The College will join in community efforts to educate the public and promote oral health. Service to the profession will include continuing dental education programs, consultative services by faculty, and contributions to the dental literature.
  • An educational and patient care environment which facilitates a high level of understanding and sensitivity among faculty, students, staff and patients

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