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Advanced Education in General Dentistry

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For further information

regarding The University of Tennessee Health Science Center AEGD Program, please review the information provided on the University of Tennessee Website or contact the program at

Program Overview

The University of Tennessee AEGD Program is a one-year CODA approved (with reporting requirements), advanced training program located in vibrant Nashville, Tennessee. The program focuses on the preparation of residents in different disciplines of dentistry for private practice and specialty training through improvement of dental skills and knowledge for patient care and to build their confidence and independence while making sound judgment. The program begins on July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year and consists of six (6) residents participating over a twelve (12) month period supervised by general practitioners and specialists.  It provides advanced clinical training beyond that achieved in dental school. The knowledge gathered in the AEGD Program supplements the dental school pre-doctoral curriculum. The didactic component is year-long on varying topics that include: pain management, diagnosis and treatment planning, esthetic dentistry, dentures, crown and bridge, dental implants, orthodontics for the general practitioner, dental emergencies, medical emergency in the dental office, implant dentistry, cultural sensitivity, law pertaining to dentistry, and practice management.  The program is focused on the improvement of clinical skills and applicable knowledge that will improve patient care. A focus will be on the aspect of diagnosis and treatment planning of cases.

Critical thinking, decision-making skills, and sound reasoning will be enhanced utilizing case presentations to determine the reasoning for the Residents course of treatment and treatment options for patients.  Competency, ethics, and professionalism are stressed in the program to achieve independence and confidence for private practice or a recognized dental specialty and to enhance the profession of dentistry. Residents will provide comprehensive care to patients of diverse population.  Residents will get supervision and training in the fields of prosthodontics, operative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, dental implantology. In the course of the next twelve months, you will learn how to safely manage patients that are medically compromised and how to diagnose and treat patients of varying ages with different backgrounds and provide quality care.  You will have opportunities to diagnose, treatment plan, and execute complex cases that may range the term of a year. There will also be lectures on pain management and orthodontic for the general practitioner.  Residents will have an opportunity to learn about implants and their application in patient care.  The Residents will experience new modern technology in a newly constructed facility.

The program provides time within the work week schedule for emergency patients thus, no on-call schedule and no weekend calls. There are 10 federally observed holiday and a winter recess. At the end of the program, residents will have the necessary experience, confidence, and independence to proceed into general practice or proceed into a specialty training.  Upon completion of the program, Residents receive a Certificate of Advanced Education in General Dentistry. We welcome diversity and residents with an attitude for learning and acceptance. The selection of candidates is made without regard to an individual’s gender, religion, color, creed, age, race, sexual orientation, citizenship, or other federally protected classes. Applicants must be graduates of an accredited U.S. or Canadian Dental School and have passed the National Board Dental Examination Part I and Part II.  Since The University of Tennessee Health Science Center AEGD Program participates in the PASS ( application process, but does not participate in the Match. All interested applicants must apply through PASS and will then be contacted for interview scheduling.

For more information, you can reach the program at

Stipends, Objectives and Curriculum


The Residents are paid a gross salary of $54,024 (AY 2020-2021) during the twelve (12) month residency period. Benefits include 15 vacation days and 10 paid federal holidays, medical insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, malpractice insurance. Residents will also receive a $1,000 educational stipend.

Educational Objectives

Following completion of the program in Advanced Education in General Dentistry, residents will be able to:

  • Serve as the patient's first contact for dental care.
  • Provide services and consultation for the timely entry of patients into the dental care system.
  • Evaluate a patient's general systemic health and plan treatment accordingly.
  • Plan and properly sequence patient treatment procedures.
  • Provide continuity of patient care.
  • Provide a comprehensive range of dental services which will minimize the need for patient referral, but provide referral to appropriate specialists when necessary.
  • Coordinate treatment provided by dental specialists and qualified dental auxiliary personnel.
  • Provide a comprehensive range of dental services to special population groups including medically compromised, handicapped, geriatric and cancer patients.
  • Provide a comprehensive range of dental services which require knowledge and skills beyond those of the recent dental school graduate.
  • Manage a dental office: apply principles of decision-making; apply principles of finance including insurance and prepaid programs; and understand issues on quality of care, peer review, malpractice and ethics.
  • Communicate and consult with patients.
Program Objectives
  1. Graduate Residents who can manage and provide patient focused comprehensive care at a level beyond that of their predoctoral education
  1. Graduate Residents who will improve the quality of dental care delivered in all clinical disciplines by obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective and efficient patient care to a diverse population.
  2. Provide state of the art Resident education through patient experiences which draw on advanced concepts in dentistry, utilization of modern techniques, materials, and equipment.
  3. Graduate proficient general dentists who utilize professional ethics, experience in treating diverse populations, and lifelong learning in their practice of dentistry.
  4. Graduate Residents who deliver oral health care in a safe and hazard-free environment utilizing effective infection control procedures and HIPPA regulations to protect patients, staff, and themselves.
  5. Graduate caring, competent, and confident dentists who understand the oral health needs of their community and become actively involved in the communities where they practice and beyond.
First Year Curriculum

Summer/Fall Semester

  • GNDN 602DG-Histology/Embryology
  • GNDN 605DG-Advanced Oral Pathology
  • GNDN 610DG-Advanced General Dentistry
  • GNDN 611DG-Case Presentation
  • GNDN 614DG-Dental Team
  • GNDN 615DG-General Dentistry Literature Review
  • GNDN 618DG-Prosthodontics Seminar
  • GNDN 630DG-Orthodontics
  • GNDN 634DG-Implantology

Winter/Spring Semester

  • GNDN 619DG-Clinical Pharmacology
  • GNDN 620DG-Advanced General Dentistry
  • GNDN 621DG-Case Presentation
  • GNDN 622DG-Behavior Management
  • GNDN 624DG-Dental Team
  • GNDN 625DG-General Dentistry Literature Review
  • GNDN 628DG-Prosthodontics Seminar
  • GNDN 631DG-Orthodontics
  • GNDN 635DG-Implantology

Last Published: Apr 16, 2021