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Molecular Imaging Shared Resources

Equipment Capabilities Location and Contact
IVIS Lumina XRMS Animal bio-imager with luminescent, fluorescent and x-ray imaging capabilities

CRB animal room
Michelle Sims

Incucyte Live Cell Imaging System for proliferation, apoptosis, migration assays and much more.

CRB 270

iBrite Imager for western blots and gels

CRB 241
Michelle Sims

Confocal microscope
Zeiss LSM 700

Direct, serial optical imaging of cells and tissues

CRB 165A (Pfeffer Lab)
Michelle Sims

Nanostring Model 5s N-counter system to perform multiplex analysis of RNA, DNA, or protein targets

CRB 169A (Pfeffer Lab)
Larry Pfeffer

More information

Automated microscope and conventional microplate detection



Faculty Director


Susan Miranda, PhD
Assoc. Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Facility Director


To be named soon
Facility Director

Jul 5, 2022