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Research and Programs

The Department of Surgery has two research and program specialties, the Global Surgery Institute and Biostatistics. The Global Surgery Institute challenges medical students, residents, faculty, and other health practitioners to actively seek solutions that expand the provision of safe and affordable surgery worldwide. Biostatistics offers assistance to all Department of Surgery faculty and residents.


Global Surgery Institute

Founded in 2017, the UTHSC Global Surgery Institute was borne out of a community of faculty, residents and students with a passion for service, bidirectional learning and clinical experience in surgery across the world. With the support, direction and oversight of the Department of Surgery, the Global Surgery Institute aims to provide opportunities for global surgical experience, curriculum and research for residents, students and faculty to further the mission of UTHSC and for the benefit of Tennessee and the Mid-South region. The Global Surgery Institute faculty are engaged in work in Tanzania, Cameroon, Philippines, Ecuador, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Russia and Honduras. 

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The Department of Surgery has a part-time PhD level biostatistician and a full-time master level biostatistician, offering assistance to all Department faculty and residents on all aspects in biostatistics.

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Last Published: Oct 3, 2019