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Administrative Listing

 Gail House, PhD

Gail M. House, PhD
Director of Administration
P: 901.448.5253 
F: 901.448.7306 


Courtney Bishop
Student Clerkship Coordinator
P: 901.448.5910
F: 901.448.7306


Lois Donnelly
Administrative Coordinator
P: 901.448.5914 
F: 901.448.7306


Janet Herriman
Complex Surgical Oncology
Fellowship Coordinator
P: 901.683.0055  x63457
F: 901.685.2969 

Shenicia Richardson

Shenicia M. Richardson
Financial Coordinator
P: 901.448.1236 
F: 901.448.7306


Holly J. Rounds
Assistant Director
P: 901.448.5855
F: 901.448.7306   

Cynthia Tooley

Cynthia R. Tooley
Surgery Residency Coordinator 
P: 901.448.7635 
F: 901.448.7306


Other Administrative Staff

Division of General Surgery
Teresa "Sissie" Shelton
Emily Craig, Minimally Invasive

Division of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
Jane Hanafin

Division of Pediatric Surgery
Veronica James
Rachel McGuirt
Erica Mitchell
Amber Stroupe

Division of Surgical Oncology
Barbara Woodley
Asia Dugger

Division of Thoracic Surgery
Kelly Butler Brown

Division of Transplant Surgery
Jeannie Wagner

Division of Trauma/Surgical Critical Care

Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
D'Angelo Paden

May 26, 2022