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New Information Systems Security Plans

A Security Plan is required, per UT Systems IT Policy IT0121, for computer systems at the UTHSC. This new policy became effective January 1, 2010; the initial security plans are to be done by January 1, 2011. See this page for complete information and instructions.

Help Secure Campus Computing

Welcome to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center's resource for information technology security. The Information Technology Security Group (ITSG) is charged with the responsibility of network and systems security at the UTHSC.

The ITSG works with members of the UTHSC community, including system administrators, students, staff and faculty, to protect the UT network and connected hosts. The ITSG cooperates with administrators at other sites, as well as law enforcement entities, in response to security incidents.

Security threats come in a variety of forms, but the end result is the same: a serious disruption to our work. Compounding the security weaknesses of the Internet is the widespread availability of “hacker-helper” programs on the Internet. Today, talented hackers are writing extremely powerful hacking tools and making them available for download on the Internet. No longer must the attacker be an expert or understand the nuances of the target’s vulnerabilities, all they need to do is point the tool at the target and hit the “Attack” button.

This ability of attackers to use readily available software has attracted the criminal element who uses that software for identity theft. These criminals also use fake e-mails and fake websites to attract victims.

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