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Information Technology Services (ITS)

Need help adjusting to being at home? We have resources!

Examplify 2.0.2 Software

If you are on a Mac OS version earlier than Catalina, you need to download Examplify 2.0.2.

COVID-19 Cyber Attacks

Please be cautious of any emails received regarding COVID-19. The latest report is showing there are at least 15 distinct campaigns from 11 known threat groups distributing 39 different malware families, all related to COVID-19. We recognize that everyone is looking for information, but go visit reputable sites to get that info. The best place to start is UTHSC’s Cornoavisus webpage. 

DO NOT CLICK ON A LINK IN AN EMAIL OR A SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE. This is the easiest way for a “bad actor” to infiltrate. Forward any questionable emails to

Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for providing modern and user-friendly technology services to the campus community and visitors through our eight divisions:

We strive to provide exceptional customer service as well as deliver information technology that enables the university to achieve excellence in patient care, education, research, and community service.

Last Published: Apr 6, 2020