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sparDeepfakes are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else's likeness. It is the Photoshop of the 21st century. 

It is a type of artificial intelligence used to create convincing images, audio, and video hoaxes. The term, which describes both the technology and the resulting bogus content, is a portmanteau of deep learning and fake.

Why should we care? It was funny when Tom Cruise was showing up everywhere talking about everything. It's all in fun, right?


The latest use of deepfakes is in the Russia-Ukraine conflict where a fake Ukrainian President Zelenskyy told Ukraine forces to surrender. It was quickly defeated when minutes later, the real Zelenskyy posted on Facebook denying the claim. 

Deepfakes are getting harder and harder to recognize as technology improves. As with all misleading and fake information, verify it using reputable sources. 

May 7, 2024