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Join us in the effort to improve care in the Mid-South!

The Diabetes Wellness and Prevention Coalition (DWPC), in collaboration with the UTHSC-CHSI, operates the DWPC Registry to track processes and outcomes of care and improve care for people living with diabetes or at risk for diabetes in the Mid-South. The DWPC Registry fully qualifies as a “Specialized Registry” for the purposes of achieving “meaningful use” of electronic health records. Participating clinics receive quarterly practice improvement reports to assist them in tracking and improving quality and outcomes of care.Registry schematic showing data from hospitals, providers, and insurers that comprise the rich data available for research.

Clinics, hospitals, insurers, and payers participate in the DWPC Registry by completing data use agreements with UTHSC and establishing a secure data feed of electronic health record or billing data to the DWPC Registry.  As shown in the schematic above, these regular data feeds from providers and insurers are brought together in order to provide a complete picture of population health in the Mid-South. The DWPC Registry is fully HIPAA compliant and patient privacy is meticulously protected.

 If you would like to participate in the DWPC Registry and PBRN, please contact Cardella Leak, MPH.


May 26, 2022