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Practice Based Research Network

The DWPC Practice-based Research Network (PBRN) facilitates practice-based research across the Mid-South to evaluate innovative ways to strengthen outpatient primary and preventive care and improve patient outcomes. By participating in the DWPC–PBRN, providers have the opportunity to participate in practical practice-based research initiatives to test real-world solutions to help their patients get better care. The DWPC–PBRN is now recognized by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and is registered with the AHRQ PBRN Resource Center. Diagram of data input into DWPC registry including outpatient electronic medical records from several practices, hospital eletronic health records, and heath insurance and pharmacy claims.

A Region-wide Practice-based Research Network Serving over 450,000 People

The DWPC PBRN engages over 250 primary care and specialty clinicians and over 80 practices in the Mid-South working together to answer community-based health care questions and translate research findings into practice.

Current or Past Research Interests

The DWPC PBRN is being used to conduct pragmatic clinical trials and feasibility/pilot studies, health services research, and quality improvement projects. All research utilizing the DWPC PBRN is subject to both IRB approval and the policies and procedures of the DWPC Data Governance Board and Steering Committee. Our research interests focus on developing and evaluating strategies to improve health care quality, reduce health care costs, and improve health outcomes among medically underserved patients with multiple chronic conditions.


To discuss utilizing DWPC PBRN data for research, please contact Satya Surbhi, PhD.


May 26, 2022