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DWPC Organization

The PAC meets monthly to advocate for patient-driven lifestyle change and empower people with diabetes or at risk for diabetes. The PAC works to make sure that Diabetes Wellness and Prevention Center programs and activities are centered on true patient needs. To participate in the PAC, or for more information, please contact: Ms. Ruthie Tate, Chair, at or at 901.849.4561.

The CAC meets quarterly to make sure Diabetes Wellness & Prevention Center programs help address true community needs and take full advantage of existing community resources. The CAC also works to spread and share successful Coalition programs with other people and communities working to overcome diabetes one step at a time.

The PLC meets bi-monthly to work together through the Whitehaven DWPC to improve diabetes care and promote wellness for people with diabetes or at risk for diabetes and its many complications in the Whitehaven area. Through the PLC, providers learn and share: 1) best practices in diabetes care; 2) practice data on diabetes care performance; 3) diabetes practice improvement methods; and 4) ways to identify and overcome barriers to best diabetes care. To participate, or for more information, please contact:

The DGB comprises high-level representatives of each data owner with expertise in medical informatics and data use for quality improvement, health promotion, pragmatic clinical research, and human subject protections. The DGB meets 2-4 times a year to: 1) establish standard protocols and procedures for all DWPC Registry and Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) data owners and data requesters in conjunction with the data owner’s IRB of record, 2) ensure data integrity and privacy in conjunction with the data owner’s IRB of record, and 3) maximize best uses of the DWPC Registry and PBRN to promote community health.

The Steering Committee brings together high-level representatives of major health systems and key community organizations, and patient, provider, and community representatives working to improve health in the Mid-South. It meets 2-4 times a year to:

  • Provide overall strategic direction for the DWPC
  • Monitor progress in meeting community health and health care needs and achieving needed improvements in primary and preventive care for chronic conditions
  • Support community-wide practice-based quality improvement initiatives addressing the crux health issues of the Mid-South
  • Facilitate practice-based research to evaluate innovative ways to strengthen outpatient primary and preventive care and improve patient outcomes

To participate, or for more information, please contact Dr. Jim Bailey at or at 901.448.2475

May 26, 2022