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Lamia AbiSamra, MD

Dr. AbiSamra's Bio
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Undergrad: Tulane University
Medical School: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - New Orleans
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: These days I am going for walks in my neighborhood or at Shelby Farms, baking or cooking with my husband, and finding new goofy TV shows. In non-Corona times, we enjoyed the outdoor concerts at Overton Park and checking out different food spots around Memphis.
Interesting tidbits: I once hiked and then sledded down a volcano in Chile.
What do I like about our residency: We really get the full Family Medicine experience of continuity with our patients in and out of the hospital, plus OB and pediatric care. Being at an unopposed program also means we work directly with consultant attendings and learn a lot from them. We get the best of both worlds being at a community hospital with access to a university system.
Career aspirations: I hope to continue obstetric care with hopefully some hospital medicine as well.

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Mohammed Al-Wadei, MD

Dr. Al-Wadei's Bio
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Undergrad: UT Knoxville
Medical School: UTHSC
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: play soccer
What do I like about our residency: the diversity of the program
Career aspirations: looking forward to being a hospitalist

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Courtney Brooks, DO
Lincoln Memorial University

Dr. Brooks's Bio
Hometown: Richmond, TX
Undergrad: Prairie View A&M University
Medical School: LMU-DCOM
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: anything with the arts (theatre, concerts, museums), watching documentaries, cooking, trying new restaurants, traveling, fishing, and scrolling on my app
Interesting tidbits: If I didn't pursue a career in medicine, I probably would've majored in vocal performance and been an extra on the Lion King Broadway Play
What do I like about our residency: I like that we are the only residents in house. We get a good, broad training here in Memphis. It's also nice to be able to work with some of the other residents on our away rotations.
Career aspirations: Outpatient clinic, Urgent care, Academic Medicine

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Puneet Lakhmani, MD
Tulane Medical School

Dr. Lakhmani's Bio
Hometown: Jackson, MS
Undergrad: Davidson College
Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: Walks in Overton Park. Eating sandwiches of different shapes and sizes.
Interesting tidbits: I used to be a firefigher and massage therapist.
What do I like about our residency: There is a strong culture of collegiality here. I feel listened to and respected by peers and attendings. Also, Memphis is incredibly affordable to live in.
Career aspirations: I'm still deliberating. I'm glad I have so many options with Family Medicine.

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Ben Meis, DO
Auburn University

Dr. Meis's Bio
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergrad: Freed-Hardeman University
Medical school: VCOM- Auburn
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: Mostly hanging out at home with my beautiful wife, Morgan, and my son, Randal. I enjoy watching movies and shows with my wife, working out and playing basketball and I love getting together with friends and family to play card and board games.
What do I like about our residency: I really enjoy how close everybody is in our residency. If you can work long hours and have fun with the people you are doing it with, then you can’t ask for a better place to work and further your education. Secondly, I believe we get a very good education here and are exposed to a huge variety of diseases with a very diverse population which enable you to be very prepared after residency.
Career Aspirations: Am currently an officer in the Air Force so will be continuing on that path after graduating residency. Am very interested in applying for a sports medicine fellowship in the interim. Eventually come back to TN to practice.

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Chiamaka Ngwudike, MD
University of Mississippi

Dr. Ngwudike's Bio
Hometown: Abatete, Anambra State, Nigeria
Undergrad: Jackson State University, Jackson, MS
Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: Some of my favorite things to do include traveling; watching sports, movies, TV shows; hanging out with family and friends; attending concerts/music festivals; listening to music; eating foods rich in flavor; but I like to think that I enjoy mostly anything so long as I am in great company.
Interesting tidbits: Learning to play the piano is on my bucket list because multiple people have told me I have piano fingers.
What do I like about our residency: One of the reasons I like this program is the people including the faculty, residents, nurses, and ancillary staff. Everyone is very supportive and care about your success as the best physician you can be. I also like that the patient population is diverse, and training here will prepare you for any kind of practice you choose to go into in the future.
Career aspirations: I enjoy all the different aspects of being a primary care provider, so I will like to have a traditional practice.

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Bindusri Paruchuri, MD
St. George's

Dr. Paruchuri's Bio
Hometown: Aurora, IL
Undergrad: St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri
Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine in Grenada
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: I love catching up with my friends and family! I am a major foodie so I love checking out new places to eat or baking new recipes. I also love endlessly binge-watching tv shows/movies. When I'm not being a couch potato, I love going out and having new adventures, especially in the outdoors.
Interesting tidbits: Reese's are my weakness.
What do I like about our residency: When first applying to residencies, I was searching for a FM program that was unopposed with a diverse patient population, offered well-rounded training, and most importantly, had a friendly and supportive faculty. On interview day and everyday since, this program continues to meet everything I was looking for! In Memphis, we serve an under served population, which is invaluable since it provides us the opportunity to provide critical and life-changing care to our patients. I also love how well-rounded my training has been during my rotations through various hospitals/clinics and the wide range of procedures I've been able to learn. Additionally, our program has extremely friendly residents and faculty that I enjoy working with and learning from on a daily basis!
Career aspirations: In the future, I hope to pursue an FM-OB fellowship where I can further develop my interests in Women's Health! I also enjoy teaching so I hope to incorporate that into my future career one day!

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Melinda Patterson, MD

Dr. Patterson's Bio
Hometown: Camden, TN
Undergrad: Trevecca University, Nashville TN
Graduate School: UTHSC Masters of Pharmacology
Medical School: UTHSC
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: cycling, weightlifting. Going home to visit family on the weekends
Interesting tidbits: I’ve got a 6 year old mini schnauzer, Gibson.
What do I like about our residency: diversity in clinical/inpatient experience.
Career aspirations: Outpatient

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Joshua Rogers, MD

May 26, 2022