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Saint Francis Family Medicine Residency

The care of the ambulatory patient is the cornerstone of family medicine.



residents in an outdoor setting

Residency Leadership Council

resident image
Chandler Smith, DO


Hometown: Lynchburg, TN
Undergraduate: Tennessee Tech University
Medical School: William Carey Univ Col of Osteopathic Medicine
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family, watching TV shows or movies on Netflix, and trying to cook new things.
What do I like about our residency: Everyone has been very friendly since day one, ranging from my fellow residents, the attending, and the clinic staff. I also like that our curriculum provides us with wide variety of experiences to help prepare us for life after residency.
Career Aspirations: I hope to practice medicine in back in rural middle Tennessee, in an area that is underserved and in need of a family physician.

resident image
Sophie Bell, MD


Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Undergraduate: Hiram College
Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)
Interesting Tidbits: I recently started playing pickleball and am a big fan. I ran a marathon once (slowly!) and have 7 siblings.
What do I enjoy doing in my free time: In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, running, and hiking. I love checking out new restaurants and breweries too or listening to podcasts.
What do I like about our residency: I like that we are an unopposed program which will prepare us for a career in family medicine well to be able to meet the diverse needs of our patients!
Career Aspirations: Working with underserved populations, women’s health/obstetrics, and teaching.

Jul 9, 2024