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Throughout the four years of training, the goal of the Med/Peds program is to provide a well rounded, progressive training. UT Med/Peds operates with a 12 month intern year, after which you will transition to a supervisory role on the wards. Residents swap sides every 3 months and maintain that throughout training.

Med/Peds residents benefit from the Medicine program's 3+1 model while rotating on Internal Medicine. In the 3+1 model, residents will rotate through a rotation uninterrupted for 3 weeks before transitioning to a week of pure outpatient clinic (+1) primarily in the UTMP outpatient clinic, which is staffed predominantly by Med/Peds faculty. Other options for continuity clinic include the ROH Outpatient Clinic or the ROH Adult Special Care clinic, the latter of which cares solely for patients with a diagnosis of HIV. This +1 week will consist of 5 days of continuity clinic as well as time for personal interest and POCUS/Sim Lab time. Residents will rotate through each of our 4 major hospitals during your time on Medicine, allowing them to get solid exposure to diverse pathology and hospital system.

While on Pediatrics, Med/Peds residents rotate on a monthly basis through rotations along with their Pediatric colleagues. Continuity clinic while on Pediatrics occurs weekly in the Le Bonheur Outpatient Clinic, staffed predominantly by our excellent General Pediatric colleagues. You will spend time on wards, both for day shift and night shift, as well as in the Level 1 Pediatric ER, the high-risk ROH NICU, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and various subspecialty areas within Le Bonheur.

May 4, 2023