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Program Leadership

program director image

Dan Wells, MD
Program Director
Med/Peds Hospitalist

Program Core Faculty

Desiree Burroughs-Ray, MD
Associate PD
Med/Peds Hospitalist

Associate program director image

Michael Kleinman, MD
Associate PD
Primary & Transition Care

Program Core Faculty

Michele McAmis, MD
Associate PD
IM Primary Care

Program director image

Natascha Thompson, MD
Associate PD
Primary Care, DIO

Program coordinator image

Melissa Hayes
Program Manager
Bus Tour Extraordinaire

Categorical Program Directors

Program Core Faculty

Jaclyn Bergeron, MD
IM Program Director

Program Core Faculty

Bindiya Bagga, MD
Pediatric Program Director

Med/Peds Chief Residents

Med Peds image

From left to right: Madi Boles, MD, Kevin Kuo, MD, and Amanda Hardy, MD

Program Core Faculty

Internal PD image

Rob Bradsher III, MD
Associate Professor

Program Core Faculty

Austin Dalgo, MD
Peds Palliative/Ethics
Global Health Champion

Program Core Faculty

Natalie Dunlap, DO
IM Hospitalist
CCC Chair

leader image

Chris Jackson, MD
IM Primary Care
EBM Champion

Program Core Faculty

Elisha McCoy, MD
Med/Peds Hospitalist
PS/QI Champion

Program Core Faculty

Debo Odulana, MD
Pediatric Primary Care
Peds APD, Med/Peds Liaison

Program Core Faculty

Nate Rogers, MD
Med/Peds Hospitalist
POCUS Champion

Program Core Faculty

Amber Thacker, MD
IM Hospitalist & WBN
Scholarship Champion

Program Core Faculty

Jason Yaun, MD
Pediatric Primary Care
Advocacy Champion

Additional Med/Peds Trained Faculty and Volunteer Faculty

Scott Adelman, MD – Adult hospitalist
Anna Allen – Med/Peds Hospitalist
Karen Andrews, MD – Adult hospitalist
Missy Barnhart – Med/Peds Primary Care
Ben Bowman, MD – Med/Peds ER
Jason Chandler, MD – Adult heme/onc
Tripp Dargie, MD – Med/Peds ER
Nathan Davidson, MD – Adult hospitalist
Kin Dempsey, MD – Adult hospitalist
Alicia Diaz-Thomas, MD – Peds endocrinology
Christie Earnest, MD – Med/Peds primary care
Bess Elliot, MD – Med/Peds primary care
Joel Finley – Med/Peds Primary Care
Charles Fraga, MD – Adult hospitalist
Lauren Fulmer, MD – Adult hospitalist
Tonia Gardener, MD – Peds pulmonology
Jeff Harris, MD – Adult Heme/Onc
Colleen Hastings, MD – Med/Peds nephrology
Burt Hayes, MD – Adult outpatient, Peds hospitalist
Cassandra Howard, MD – Med/Peds ER
Mary Margaret Hurley, MD – Med/Peds primary care
Stephen Johnson, MD - Med/Peds primary care

Tracye Kyles – Med/Peds Primary Care
Matthew Mabie, MD
– Adult pulm/critical care
Kim Marsh, MD
– Adult pulm/crit
Christie Michael, MD
– Med/Peds Allergy/Immunology
Peggy O’Cain, MD – Peds ER
Shelley Ost, MD – Adult outpatient, Peds hospitalist, Med/Peds HIV
Arnel Pallera, MD – Adult heme/onc
Andy Pierce, MD – Adult hospitalist
Robert Rayder, MD – Med/Peds ER
Gina Raymond, MD – Adult hospitalist
Alain Rodriguez, MD – Adult hospitalist
Rachael Smith, MD – Adult hospitalist
Carrie Stallings, MD – Adult hospitalist
Allison Stiles, MD– Med/Peds primary care
Ibrahim Sultan-Ali, MD – Adult pulm/critical care
Krista Volberding, MD – Adult hospitalist
John Whitworth, MD – Peds GI
Nathan Wilds, MD – Adult pulm/critical care
Michael Womack, MD – Adult hospitalist
Chris Wright – Med/Peds Primary Care
Anne Wynn, MD – Adult and transitional endocrinology

Oct 26, 2023