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Faculty and Staff Resources for Working Remotely

Share Documents Externally with SharePoint!

You can now share your documents with colleagues at other institutions through SharePoint! If you have a SharePoint site, visit the Sharing Documents Externally in SharePoint web page for more information. Don't have a SharePoint site yet? Getting a site is as easy as filling out the online form.

Question of the Week: Should I Start Moving Files to OneDrive? 

Yes! If you are still using Isilon, My Drive or VolShare to store documents, you can start your move to OneDrive now! And, even if you have no idea what these are, It doesn't matter! If you are still using these solutions for storage or are looking for a storage solution, it's time to make the move to OneDrive.

Contact the Helpdesk at for assistance in moving your documents.

Zoom: Have questions? Worried about security? We address all your Zoom questions and concerns!

You must sign in to Zoom using the SSO option to have it work properly. If you have, the email address under your Profile pic in the app will end in Signed in with SSO and still having problems? Check out the Zoom FAQ page.

You can access Zoom and Microsoft 365 without using the VPN. Disconnect from the VPN prior to a Zoom meeting, if possible, to avoid issues.

Zoom FAQs / Installing Zoom/Download the App / Zoom Overview / Zoom Tips / Zoom Security / UTHSC Zoom Backgrounds / Mapping Zoom Recordings

Tip of the Day

Holiday Hiatus We are taking a break this week, so no new tips, but you can still check out all the resources we offer on our Application Access home page.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe over the holidays!

Personally Owned Computing Devices

ITS has developed a listing of technical resources for the configuration and setup of your personal computing devices located on the Personally Owned Computing Devices page.


Internet Problems
If your internet connection is flaky or you are having trouble with WiFi at home, start with your service provider. They can troubleshoot your home internet equipment and offer suggestions. Pro tip: try connecting directly to your cable modem or router with an ethernet cable to see if you get better performance. Try rebooting your modem or router.
Computer Problems

If you are having trouble with your computer, you have a few options.

  • If your computer isn’t running well, download UT’s antivirus software & check for viruses & malware.
  • Try rebooting your computer. (No really, this works more than you might think!)
  • If you are having problems installing software or your operating system is performing at less than usual capacity, contact the Helpdesk.  Our Desktop Support team is available to help by remoting into your desktop while on the telephone with you.
Camera Problems
When you are connecting remotely to your office computer, don’t forget to switch back to the computer in front of you for online meetings. You’ll need to use your home computer’s camera and microphone for Zoom, not your office computer.



Teams is a place for coworkers to chat, meet, collaborate, share notes and files, and video chat.

Access Teams through the Microsoft 365 portal or by app if you've downloaded Microsoft 365.

Featured Course

New to OneDrive? Check out the Learning OneDrive course.

You must log in to UT LinkedIn Learning for this link to work.

More LinkedIn Learning Courses

Now might be a good time to complete some free, online courses.  To do this, you must first log in to the UT LinkedIn Learning site.

Links below will not work unless you log in using your NetID/password first.

Remote Desktop

Need to reach your computer at work? If you have remote desktop functionality enabled on your work computer, you can reach it from home.



VPN is used to connect securely to the UTHSC network to reach resources restricted to on-campus access such as SAP, VolShare, and axiUm (Microsoft 365 and Zoom don't require VPN). If something doesn't seem to be working correctly, try using VPN. Download VPN

Teaching Remotely

TLC has some great resources for teaching remotely. This includes preparing to move your course online, course development tools, and lecture, communication and assessment tools.
Ask a question or request a face-to-face meeting

Microsoft O365

Microsoft O365 allows you to create and edit files; store files in OneDrive, SharePoint, and other apps; collaborate and communicate with colleagues; and access a variety of other tools from anywhere, any computer, anytime.

Download Microsoft 365 Instructions
  1. Log into Microsoft 365.
  2. Click on Install Office and choose Microsoft 365 apps.
  3. Go to your Downloads folder and double click the Microsoft Office file downloaded.
  4. Follow the instructions to download the software.

Your Office Phone

Your office phone can still be an important way for others to stay in touch with you. Check voicemail messages remotely or forward your office phone. New Voicemail Instructions

Checking Voicemail

To check your voicemail remotely:

Call 901.448.1000, enter your five-digit mailbox number.  Then enter your password.

Call Forwarding

Press the Forward button on your office phone.
To forward to local number: Key in 9 + 7-digit number.
To forward to long-distance number: Key in 9 + 1 + area code + 7-digit number.
Press the Done button on your office phone. (The “forward” button then becomes the CheckFww” button to indicate that a forward is set.)
To cancel forwarding, press the CheckFww” button and then the CanclFww” button.


No gym? No problem!

Follow the Fitness Center on Instagram for exercises tips and take the 28 day challenge @uthscfitnesshiddengym

Fitness and Wellness Advice videos

Mental Health

Even during challenging times, your health remains a top priority. From virtual visits for medical concerns to help dealing with stress and anxiety, you can get the help you need without leaving home. ParTNer for Health Resources:


Telehealth allows you to get the 24/7 healthcare and information you need for non-emergencies. Talk to a doctor by phone, computer or tablet from anywhere, at any time. The cost is less than a typical office visit.

Useful for: Issues such as allergies, asthma, cold & flu, fever, nausea, sore throat and more.

Note: You won’t pay for any Telehealth visits through carrier-sponsored Telehealth programs, (Cigna:MDLiveeAmWelll and BlueCross BlueShield: Physician Now) from March 17 – May 31, 2020, even if the visit is for something other than COVID-19. Cigna currently is delayed in implementing the cost share waiver, so Cigna members may have to pay up front for Telehealth services and then request a refund from Cigna.

Employee Assistance Program EAPP)

EAPP provides assistance with stress, legal, financial, mediation and work/life services. You can even get help finding a network provider, a plumber who works nights, services for your elderly parents and more.

Useful for: Assistance finding a wide range of services, from health to legal and financial.


Talkspacee is online therapy for all members with behavioral health benefits.Talkspacee lets you regularly communicate with a therapist safely and securely from your phone or desktop. Make continual progress at your pace; no in-person office visit required.

Useful for: Support for anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse issues and more.


Sanvelloo offers on-demand help with stress, anxiety and depression. Download the Sanvelloo app on your mobile device or computer and access it from anywhere. It is private, secure and committed to helping people build important life skills.

Useful for: Behavioral health tools and strategies to help manage your symptoms.


MyActiveHealthh connects you with health education topics, activity trackers for sleep and exercise as well as other tools to keep your physical health on track.

Useful for: Weight management support, personalized health tips, health coaching support and more.

Last Published: Nov 22, 2020