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Resident Wellness

Resident Wellness Committee

The Resident Wellness Committee (RWC) is charged with improving the resident experience through grass-roots housestaff engagement. RWC members are passionate about positively impacting resident well-being and developing and executing activities that further this goal, with an emphasis on creativity.

Each Internal Medicine Family is represented by one (1) Categorical Medicine or Med-Peds resident representative from each class (PGY-1, PGY-2, and PGY-3/PGY-4) to participate on this committee. The committee of 12 representatives is led by one PGY-3 UTHSC Internal Medicine Wellness Champion. Program leadership representation on the Wellness Committee will include one Medicine Chief Resident and one Medicine Associate Program Director.


  • TBD


  • David Bulger, MD
  • Dawit Jowhar, MD
  • Anne Laverty, MD
  • David Wilbanks, MD


  • Sarah Hashimi, MD
  • Bailey Hansen, MD
  • Melissa Parkinson, MD
  • Melanie Watt

Wellness Champion

Jared Hogan, MD

Two male residents with a therapy dog
Three female residents with a white therapy dog
Male residents with a therapy dog
Five female residents with a white therapy dog
massage chair

Last Published: Jul 23, 2020