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Resident Wellness

Resident Wellness Committee

The Resident Wellness Committee (RWC) is charged with improving the resident experience through grass-roots housestaff engagement. RWC members are passionate about positively impacting resident well-being and developing and executing activities that further this goal, with an emphasis on creativity.

Each Internal Medicine Family is represented by one (1) Categorical Medicine or Med-Peds resident representative from each class (PGY-1, PGY-2, and PGY-3/PGY-4) to participate on this committee. The committee of 12 representatives is led by one PGY-3/4 UTHSC Medicine Wellness Champion. Program leadership representation on the Wellness Committee will includes one Medicine Chief Resident and one Medicine Associate Program Director. 

The wellness committee received funding from UTHSC, and has promoted wellness through workroom Keurig machines, sponsoring popsicles and coffee/donut days, themed lunches, and hosting events that range from bowling to bake-offs. We are thankful for their work!

Wellness Champion: Melanie Watt, MD 
Wellness Faculty Sponser: Dr. Desiree Burroughs-Ray

Association of Black Residents (ABRM)

UTHSC recognizes that diversity drives excellence in health care. In the UTHSC Internal Medicine Residency Program, we strive to make our resident workforce as diverse as the population of Memphis. The Association of Black Residents in Medicine (ABRM) is an organization striving to edify, encourage, and empower black residents here at UT to clinical excellence and professional vitality. ABRM achieves this goal through community building between black residents across specialties, dedicated mentorship for medicine and medicine-pediatric black residents by faculty, and education to facilitate the success of black residents in and out of the clinical setting.

Last Published: Dec 1, 2021