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Resident Executive Council

The Resident Executive Council (REC) is charged with monitoring and advising on all aspects of resident education including but not limited to policies, goals and objectives, duty hours, and education curricular issues. REC members serve as representatives of their respective classes and will meet monthly with the program leadership to discuss issues which impact resident education.

The residency is represented by two (2) Categorical Medicine residents and one (1) Med-Peds resident, with the exception of the PGY-3 class which is represented by three (3) Categorical Medicine residents. The PGY-1 class also has representation from the Preliminary Year and Transitional Year residents in the form of one (1) resident representative from each of those training tracks. The council also includes one (1) ABRM representative, the Medicine pre-chief residents, and the Medicine chief residents.

REC 2022 - 2023


  • Chair - Vian Pulous, MD
  • Vice-Chair - Camden Hastings, MD
  • Secretary - Grant Pearson, MD 


  • Cassidy Stegall, MD
  • Kevin Patel, MD


  • Katherine Purdham, MD

Preliminary Year

  • Emilie Ungricht, MD


  • Jenay Powell, MD


  • Grant Pearson, MD
  • Rachana Kombathula, MD


  • Tori Alexander, MD


  • Shejuti Paul, MD
  • Tony Cheng, MD
  • Louis Yn, MD


  • Marc Parenteau, MD



  • Sherin John, MD

Medicine Chiefs

  • Jonathan Byrd, MD
  • Joel Finley, MD
  • Eva Ingram, MD
  • Ellen Petryna, MD
  • David Wilbanks, MD


  • Camden Hastings, MD
  • Vian Pulous, MD
  • Jerry Rodgers, MD
  • Samantha Whitwell, MD
Oct 4, 2022