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Patient Safety & Quality Improvement (PSQI)

At UTHSC, we believe that those poised to develop and deliver the highest quality care are those that are well versed in patient safety and quality improvement practices. With this in mind, the UT training curriculum incorporates opportunities for trainees to develop these practices through the following different modalities.

  • IHI Open School modules
  • Morbidity and Mortality
  • Participation in PSQI committees, root cause analyses, and group projects.

The IHI Open School modules introduce trainees to the concepts and theorem of Patient Safety & Quality Improvement (PSQI) allowing them to form an intellectual framework with which they can approach problems which are presented in various settings, and they also help trainees recognize and proactively address healthcare delivery systems that may compromise patient safety in the future. These concepts are then reinforced through practice in Morbidity and Mortality, PSQI committees, root cause analyses, and group projects.

Patient Safety & Quality Improvement

Last Published: May 1, 2018