Application and Admission

The Application Process

The UTHSC College of Dentistry Advanced Post Graduate Endodontic Program participates in the American Dental Education Association’s (ADEA) Postdoctoral Application Support Service (PASS). The Post Graduate Endodontic Program does NOT participate in the MATCH.

The ADEA-PASS program is a centralized application service for dental students and dental graduates interested in applying to advanced dental education programs in the United States. For more information on the PASS process and to initiate application to the UTHSC Advanced Specialty Education Program in Endodontics please contact PASS at:

The deadline for completion of the UTHSC Post Graduate Endodontic Program PASS application is August 15 in the year prior to anticipated admission. Completed PASS applications will be reviewed as the additional requested documentation is received by the Program Coordinator. Invitations for formal on-site interviews will begin shortly after the application deadline. Application review and interviews will continue until the resident class is filled. Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the PASS application process prior to August 15 of the year preceding anticipated admissions.

As part of the PASS application process for the UTHSC Post Graduate Endodontic Program, the following items are required:

  1. A completed PASS application form
  2. Official transcripts from dental school and pre-dental educational experiences
  3. Official reports of National Board Dental Exam (Part 1) test scores
  4. Three letters of reference (Professional Evaluation Forms or PEFs), including one from the applicant's dental school dean, indicating cumulative grade point average (GPA) and class rank are required. Two of the PEFs are submitted via the PASS application. One of the three letters of recommendation must be sent directly to the Program Coordinator. This third letter of recommendation should be from an individual with personal knowledge of applicant's dental skills, endodontic aptitude, character and achievements.
  5. Three individuals of your choosing must complete Personal Potential Index (PPI) evaluation reports to be submitted with your PASS application.
  6. A 2×2” passport size photo (mailed directly to the program coordinator)
  7. A one page narrative stating your reasons for interest in pursuing advanced training in the dental specialty of endodontics. The narrative should include a specific statement of why you are interested in the Advanced Post Graduate Endodontic Program at UTHSC Memphis.  (mailed directly to the program coordinator)
  8. An on-site interview is required prior to acceptance into the Program. All interviews will occur at the UTHSC College of Dentistry in Memphis, Tennessee. The program utilizes a rolling interview process that allows individuals with special interest in our program to visit and interview informally prior to the application deadline.  Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the UTHSC College of Dentistry Campus and Post Graduate Endodontic facilities prior to a invitation for a formal interview. All formal interviews will involve one-on-one and/or group meetings with faculty members and residents current enrolled in the Program. Special attention is given to the applicant’s demeanor, professionalism, collegiality, team participation and interest in endodontics.

Admission Decisions

In general, to be considered for the UTHSC Post Graduate Endodontic Program, an applicant must have (or will) earned a DDS, DMD, or equivalent degree, compiled at least a “B” coursework average, and rank in the upper 50% of his or her graduating class. The following are among the factors considered when selecting interviewees for acceptance into the Program:

  1. Morals, personal character, and integrity
  2. Motivations and goals
  3. The interview
  4. Academic performance in college and dental school, including GPA and class rank (submission of an official dental school transcript(s) is required of all applicants prior to enrollment)
  5. Performance on standardized tests (submission of official reports from National Board Dental Exams, Part 1 and Part 2, is required for all applicants)
  6. State Dental Licensure (from Tennessee or any other state)
  7. Clinical experience and advanced training
  8. Extracurricular activities
  9. Research experience
  10. Letters of reference
  11. Participation in organized dentistry


Review of applicants with completed PASS applications (and supplemental required material) will begin upon receipt. Rolling interviews will begin after July 1 of the year preceding anticipated admissions. Invitations for formal interviews will begin shortly after the August 15th application deadline.  Tentative notification of acceptance may be given at the time of an interview. Official notification of acceptance into the Program is generally provided on or before October 1. Upon receiving notification of acceptance into the UTHSC Advanced Endodontic Program, the student is required to sign an assurance document reserving his or her position in the Program. It is then appropriate for the student to notify all other programs to which he or she has applied to discontinue further consideration.

Foreign Applicants

Based on the authority given to UTHSC by the Department of Homeland Security, INS Program MEM0058 for the issuance of F-1 student visas, highly qualified foreign applicants may be admitted to the Advanced Endodontics Program in the UTHSC College of Dentistry.

Foreign applicants must meet the same criteria for admissions as U.S. citizens, including the submission of official score reports from National Board Dental Exams (NBDE), Part 1 and Part 2, and completion of a DDS or DMD degree from an accredited US or Canadian Dental school through an Advanced Standing DDS or DMD Degree Program. Additionally foreign applicants must demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English.

Proficiency in written and spoken English is critical to timely and expected progress through advanced dental training in Endodontics. Foreign applicants must demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English by submitting either acceptable TOEFL scores (Test of English as a Foreign Language) external link icon or acceptable IELTS scores (International English Language Testing System). external link icon The minimum acceptable score on the TOEFL is 610 (paper-based exam), 250 (computer-based exam), or 102 (internet-based exam). The minimum acceptable score for the IELTS is an overall band score of 7.5. All scores submitted in fulfillment of the English proficiency requirement for foreign applicants must be no older than 2-years.

TOEFL is administered through the Educational Testing Service. Applicants wishing to have TOEFL scores sent to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, College of Dentistry, should use the Destination Institutional (DI) Code 1970. TOEFL scores sent from other institutions to UTHSC College of Dentistry will not be accepted. Please note that IELTS results must be sent to the UTHSC College of Dentistry directly from an IELTS Testing Center. TOEFL or IELTS score reports originally provided to the applicant will not be accepted by the UTHSC College of Dentistry.

Foreign applicants must demonstrate financial resources adequate to complete their education at UTHSC College of Dentistry. Stipends are
NOT available for foreign dentists accepted into the UTHSC Post Graduate Endodontic Program.

The foreign applicant must understand that the selection of students is highly competitive and preference is given to graduates of ADA (American Dental Association) accredited schools in the USA and Canada, and to applicants affiliated with the State and/or University of Tennessee. If admitted, foreign students are accepted on a provisional basis; student standing will be reviewed after the first semester. Foreign applicants should be aware that, at the present time, state law does not provide for the licensure of students who received their dental training in a foreign dental school. Thus, it is not possible for a foreign student to be licensed in the State of Tennessee after graduation from an Advanced Dental Education Program without first graduating from an ADA accredited dental training program and obtaining a DDS or DMD degree.

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