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Department of Anesthesiology Affiliated Faculty

Frederick Boop, MD

Martin Croce, MD

Alex Dopico, MD, PhD

Husni Dweik, MD
Associate Professor

Matthew Ennis, PhD
Anatomy and Neurobiology

Peter Fischer, MD
Associate Professor

Julio Lanfranco, MD
Assistant Professor
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Scott Sinclair, MD
Associate Professor
Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

James Bradley, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor

Daniel Brezina, MD
Assistant Professor

Kayla Bryan, MD
Assistant Professor

Meghan Burkley, MD
Assistant Professor

Wasif Dweik, MD
Assistant Professor

Thomas Ernst, MD
Assistant Professor

Thomas Hamilton, MD
Assistant Professor

Timothy Head, MD
Assistant Professor

James S. Jones, MD
Assistant Professor

Mohandas Karkera, MD
Associate Professor

B. Roa Paidpali, MD
Assistant Professor

Mary Jane Patchen, MD
Assistant Professor

Vikram Patel, MD
Assistant Professor

Poorna Subramaniam, MD
Assistant Professor 

Adam Willis, MD
Assistant Professor

Tzipa Zweig, MD, MS
Assistant Professor

Doralina Angheliescu, MD

Michael Frett, MD
Assistant Professor

Luis Trujillo Huaccho, MD
Associate Professor

Kavitha Raghavan, MD
Associate Professor

Michael Rossi, DO, FAAP
Associate Professor and Chief

Douglas Hof, MD
Assistant Professor

Autry Parker, MD
Assistant Professor

Nicholson Perkins, MD
Assistant Professor

Mounir Shazly, MD
Assistant Professor

Jonathan Sherrod, MD
Assistant Professor

Shawn West, MD

Ali Bedair, MD

Eric Johnson, MD

Joseph Spuches, MD

Camron Wipfli, MD
Assistant Professor

Austin Woolard, MD

Adrian Emion

Adryan Emion, DNP, CRNA
Chief CRNA

Lanny Coker

Lanny Coker, CRNA, DNSc
Lead CRNA Labor & Delivery

Mary Farris-Conley

Mary Farris-Conley DNP, CRNA
Lead CRNA, Trauma

Tim Kelley

Tim Kelley, MSN, CRNA
Lead CRNA Chandler OR

Cassandra Anderson

Cassandra Anderson, MSN, CRNA

Jesse Ault

Jesse Nathaniel Ault, MSN,

Ashley Callonas

Ashley Callonas RN, MSN, CRNA  

Julian Carter

Julian F. Carter, MSN CRNA

Shannan Case

Shannan Marie Case, MSN, CRNA

Contessa Clay

Contessa Clay, MSN, CRNA

Lacey Clay, DNP, CRNA

Virginia Donelson

Virginia Donelson, MSN, CRNA

Jasmine Dorsey

Jasmine Dorsey, DNP, CRNA

Angie Duncan

Angie Duncan, DNP, CRNA

Ahmed El-Hamarna

Ahmed El-Hamarna, DNP, CRNA

Jeremy Fendley

Jeremy Fendley, MSNA, CRNA

Andrew Fontenot, CRNA

Indre Gerlach

Indre A. Gerlach CRNA, DNP

Hunter Gough

Hunter Gough, DNP, CRNA

Vincent Hayes

Vincent Hayes, MS, CRNA

Rachel Hendon 

Rachel Hendon, DNP, CRNA

Tarsha Ivory, MSN, CRNA

Teresa Johnson

Teresa Franklin Johnson, CRNA, MSN

Stephen Kelley

Stephen Kelley, DNP, CRNA

Sharon Lucas

Sharon K. Lucus, CRNA, DNAP

Karen Marks

Karen L Marks, CRNA

Mike McConnell

Mike McConnell, CRNA

Dawn McCoy

Dawn McCoy, MSN, CRNA

Forrest Nicholson

Forrest Nicholson, DNP, CRNA

Deborah Oswalt

Deborah Oswalt, MSN, CRNA

Keith Owens

Keith Owens, MSN, CRNA

Kenneth Packer

Kenneth Packer, DNP, CRNA

Lee Phelps

Lee Phelps, MSN, CRNA

Gloria “Michelle” Patton CRNA

Christine Rimmer

Christine Rimmer, MSN, CRNA

Diane Robinson

Diane Robinson, MSN, CRNA 

Christopher “Garrett” Russell, DNP, CRNA

Amanda Thornton

Amanda Thornton, MSNA, CRNA

Rachel Tonahill

Rachel Tonahill, CRNA, DNP

Marla Tow

Marla Tow, MSN, CRNA 

Kelly Wade

Kelly Baker Wade, MSN, CRNA

Franklin L Williams, BSN, CRNA

Rashedah Young

Rashedah Young, DNP, CRNA

Teddy Winney

Teddy Winney, MSN, CRNA

Oct 17, 2022