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Thank you for your interest in shadowing the UT Health Science Center Anesthesiology department. Please refer to the following :

  • Shadowing opportunities with UT Health Science Center Anesthesiology faculty are reserved solely for UT Health Science Center medical students in MS-1 and MS-2 years undertaking career exploration.
  • Shadowing is not available June, July, & August
  • Observers will be paired with faculty in the general OR, trauma, Labor & Delivery or Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital OR
  • Shadowing opportunities will last approximately two to four hours and are observation only, therefore no patient contact will be permitted
  • Students will be limited to two days of shadowing during their MS-1 and MS-2 years
  • Students will get an opportunity to observe the daily routine of an anesthesiologist and get an appreciation of the career to help guide their residency decision making
  • Students will be provided opportunities to ask any questions to help clarify their decision making
  • Students will be assigned to available faculty who have volunteered to be shadowed
  • Please be respectful of patient health information. All patient information encountered during shadowing is considered confidential and shall not be shared as violating patient confidentiality is illegal
  • Shadowing experiences will occur at Regional One Health or Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Prior to shadowing day students should arrange OR scrub access at Regional One Health or Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

If you are interested in a shadowing experience with faculty from UT Health Science Center, please complete the following steps and email them to Dr. Carter ( & Dr. Parker-Rajewski (

  • Copy of your updated CV
  • The weekday dates you are available
  • Any specialties you may be interested in observing from the previously discussed opportunities

Students who do not contact the appropriate persons with the necessary information will not be considered for shadowing opportunities.

We will do our best to accommodate requests and ensure opportunities with the maximum clinical exposure and experience, but faculty schedules frequently change so all requests may not be accommodated or may need to be altered.

Observer Policy

The Observer shall not:

  1. Perform work that should otherwise be performed by a UT Health Science Center employee.
  2. Provide services that could be considered compensable work.
  3. Participate in direct patient care or provide consultation/advice related to patient care.
  4. Use a camera phone or other electronic devices, at any time, in patient care areas, during procedures. Create, exchange, publish or otherwise distribute any patient information in public forums and open communication tools to third parties (for example, via Web e-mail, Instant Messaging, blog postings, chat rooms, Twitter, virtual representatives, etc.). i. Failure to comply is a breach of patient confidentiality and will result in immediate removal of the Observer from the clinical facilities

Faculty Responsibilities Policy:

  1. Be responsible for the Observer’s behavior and compliance with the provision of this or any other institutional standards or policies.
  2. Faculty failure to oversee the Observer and ensure adherence to institutional rules may result in progressive discipline or other appropriate action.
  3. Escort the Observer to the designated area of observation by the sponsoring service or department.
  4. Introduce the Observer when entering a patient’s room; the patient or a family member must give verbal consent before the Observer can observe activities.
  5. When consent is not obtained, the Observer must be escorted from the patient room/area.
  6. UT Health Science Center employees shall reserve the right to ask the Observer to leave a patient care area if at any time it is felt that their presence is interfering with patient care.
Apr 23, 2024