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The training program is 4 years or 48 months. The resident will engage in 42 months of clinical rotations at the primary site. This will meet the minimum 36 months requirement by the ACGME. There will be a one-month rotation in pediatrics to meet the pediatric requirements. This will occur at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Residents will work one on one with each our 8 academic attendings in 6-week site-specific rotations. In this way, they will be exposed to all clinical sites once each year. Rotations will occur according to attending's schedule, with approximately half of training occurring at Methodist University Hospital downtown and West Cancer Center in Germantown, respectively.

The resident can take any elective they see fit to augment their training during one of 3 elective blocks. Elective rotations are approved by the program director no less than 3 months in advance. Clinical research can be completed in this time, but sufficient time must be dedicated to understanding bench research as it relates to clinical care.

Applicants will complete an intern year before starting their Radiation Oncology residency. Applicants interested in completing their internship in Memphis may do so at the UTHSC Internal Medicine preliminary program.

Last Published: Jun 12, 2020