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Medical students interested in an elective rotation in the Department of Radiation Oncology should contact Jasmine Williams regarding availability at

Further information about medical student elective rotations at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), can be found through Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) at your current institution.

Students who perform electives at UTHSC are expected to function as independent residents. Responsibilities include evaluation of patients, dictation, and presentation of a morning conference.

Junior Internship

Students will function as junior interns with increased autonomy in patient care. This rotation is ONLY available to medical students who are interested in pursuing Radiation Oncology as a career. Prior authorization is required by contacting the program coordinator. Junior interns in Radiation Oncology are expected to behave like residents. This will include working in EMR, seeing patients with attending supervision, participating in procedures and departmental meetings, and attending educational activities as directed by the program director. The learning objectives of the clerkship are:

  • Understanding work-up and staging of cancer
  • Writing a radiation oncology consultation report
  • Developing an appropriate radiotherapy plan of treatment
  • Understanding the treatment planning process
  • Presenting a clinical case with a review of relevant published literature

In addition, students will be able to learn the basic concepts of radiation biology and medical physics. Students are expected to participate in daily tumor boards and planning clinics. A schedule of all conferences will be provided to the students at the time of their rotation. At the end of each rotation, students are required to give a 15-minute oral presentation on research or a subject of radiation oncology.

Introduction to Radiation Oncology

Introduction to Radiation Oncology provides a two-week elective for medical students interested in learning about Radiation Oncology. Students are expected to take medical histories and examine patients under attending physician supervision, participate in procedures and departmental meetings, and attend educational activities as directed by the program director. A schedule of all conferences will be provided to the student at the time of the rotation.

Jul 7, 2023