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UTHSC Yearbooks


All of the annual student yearbooks produced at the Health Science Center have been digitized. The first was produced in 1922 and was called The Volunteer of Memphis. The title of this one book carried the same name as the yearbooks published at the main campus in Knoxville while also indicating that it was for the Memphis campus. When the Health Science Center began continuously publishing yearbooks in 1958, the title was changed to Asklepieion in honor of the temple of the same name in Memphis, Egypt, that was erected in honor of the Egyptian physician Imhotep. There is a gap in the collection from 1975 to 1986. During these years the HSC did not produce yearbooks.
The PDFs are a moderate size for easy downloading. They are bookmarked to be able to locate departments or programs easily. They can also be searched by text word to locate people or other items. Find the year that you are interested in, and click on the icon to view or download.

Last Published: Aug 6, 2018