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Volunteer and Asklepieion

Coverage of the University of Tennessee Medical and Dental Departments (located in Nashville until 1911) varies in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Volunteer yearbooks produced from 1897-1911. Some years only include an advertisement for the UT Medical and Dental Departments. The UT Medical and Dental Departments relocated to Memphis in 1911; a Memphis-only UT yearbook was produced in 1922 and was called The Volunteer of Memphis. 

There is no mention of the Memphis campus in the Volunteer from 1923 to 1940. The Volunteer began listing Memphis graduates in 1941. This continued until 1958, when the University of Tennessee Health Science Center began publishing its own Asklepieion yearbook. Publication of the Asklepieion ceased from 1975-1985. After resuming publication in 1986, production ended once again in 2018.  

The links to the Volunteer yearbooks, provided by the UT Knoxville Hodges Library Special Collections, go directly to the page where the Memphis section begins. All Volunteer yearbooks can be viewed at this link.   

The Asklepieion PDFs below are a moderate size for easy downloading. They are bookmarked to aid in  locating departments or programs. They are also full-text searchable. The 2014-2018 editions of the Asklepieion will be added as they are digitized.


    May 26, 2022