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Temporary Help Pool

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center Office of Human Resources manages the Temporary Help Pool, which provides departments with qualified, experienced temporary staff to bridge short-term staffing needs. It is our goal to find competent temporary employees for departments at UTHSC while striving to be the best source for internal help.

We recognize that our contingent workforce is an essential part of the university's need to optimize performance, internally build talent capability, increase productivity, and manage workforce flexibility. So, we will employ every effort to ensure that we find the right personality fit and talent level for each temporary assignment.

Our office provides temporary staff to fill seasonal positions, vacation periods, position vacancies due to leaves of absence, and other types of vacancies.

Our services include:

  • external recruitment and advertisement
  • pre-screening resumes and applications
  • initial in-person screenings
  • setting up interviews
  • conducting reference checks
  • licensure and education verification
  • administering criminal background checks

Current Temporary Help Pool Positions

Why Use the Temporary Help Pool?

Recruiting employees through the Temporary Help Pool is an effective means for departments to identify qualified staff for regular, part-time and temporary positions. Additionally, the employees in the Temporary Help Pool have already been vetted through the recruitment process, which eliminates a lag time in productivity for departments.

Some of the benefits of using the Temporary Help Pool include the following:

  • We support University departments by identifying qualified individuals for temporary positions, conducting interviews, background and reference checks.
  • Hiring through the Temporary Help Pool allows the department and employee to determine if the position is a good fit prior to considering regular employment.
  • Employees hired through the temporary help pool are more invested in our processes and outcomes because they are university employees and not contract workers.
  • Allows departments to strategically gain access to employees with specialized skill sets and outsource non-core business functions.
  • Helps department managers plan for predictable work spikes and shortages in staffing needs.
  • All payroll functions, counseling, evaluations, and exit clearances are managed through the Human Resources Office.
  • The commission fee (20%) charged by the Temporary Help Pool is significantly lower than that charged by an employment agency.
Becoming a Temporary Employee

Interested Applicants The Temporary Help Pool is a mutually beneficial program as many employees in the temp pool seek full-time or regular positions at the university. Temp pool assignments with the university can vary from as short as several hours to assignments lasting several months.

It is not a guarantee when an employee is hired in the temporary pool that they will find a full-time position. However, the temporary pool does contribute to a significant number of employee hires throughout every area on campus.

How the Temporary Help Pool Works


All payroll functions for Temporary Help Pool employees are processed electronically in Human Resources. Paper copies of timesheets are not accepted for Temporary Help Pool staff, unless special instruction has been given. We have created a one-stop resource online to record time for temporary employees in iLogin. All Temporary Help Pool employees are oriented to the system before reporting to their respective departments. Likewise, department timekeepers are provided a tutorial on the approval process prior to receiving employees in their area. Time should be entered into iLogin NO LATER than the Thursday before the pay period end date.


Temporary workers should be reminded that overtime (time and one-half) is paid only when an employee has worked more than 40 hours in a contiguous week. It is at the department supervisor's discretion whether to authorize a temporary worker's overtime hours. All overtime must be approved by the temporary employee's supervisor.


Temporary workers are paid on a biweekly basis. Direct deposit notifications are emailed via the UT Payroll Office. Regular payroll checks (paper checks) are distributed from the UTHSC Payroll Office. Please contact Payroll at 901.448.5574 for questions regarding paychecks. 

Payroll schedules are provided to Temporary Help Pool staff at the beginning of their employment. Human Resources has responsibility for setting temporary employees up to participate in the university's direct deposit program.

Departments Responsibility

Extensions and Cancellations

It is important to communicate with the Temporary Pool Coordinator regarding assignment extensions and cancellations. These are normal effects of temporary work, and our employees understand that their employment is offered on an as-needed basis. However, extending or cancelling a temporary employee's assignment is an important step in managing university compliance processes.

The original assignment end date is an approximation; therefore, an assignment can be extended or ended early based on your departmental needs. We will place a reminder phone call a few days before your temporary employee is scheduled to complete his/her assignment. An extension can be processed at this time. Additionally, we can cancel an assignment or find a replacement if your temporary employee is not the best possible fit for your department.


Evaluations are a great way of showing your temporary employee your appreciation for a job well done or critiquing areas of improvement. Because many of our temporary employees seek growth opportunities, the evaluation form can serve as a referral, should he or she be considered for a permanent position at the university.

Although rare, an evaluation form may help in a disciplinary investigation for termination procedures regarding behavioral issues. The Temporary Pool Coordinator will request an evaluation incrementally during the employment of a temp pool employee and at the close of each assignment. Similarly, we appreciate your feedback as it helps in our efforts for continued improvement of the program.

Evaluations should be completed at the end of an assignment or at the 60 day mark, whichever comes first. 

Requesting a Temporary Employee

Temporary employees can be requested by telephone or e-mail. Contact the Temporary Pool Coordinator, as soon as you anticipate a need for temporary assistance at:

Human Resources
910 Madison, Suite WP012
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: 901.448.5600
Fax: 901.448.5170

A detailed Temporary Employee Request Form should be submitted to Melissa Rabalais ( at least three (3) weeks before the assignment begin date. 

Once we have determined what the position entails, we will recommend candidates for your consideration. We will recruit someone with the specialized skills necessary to succeed in your department and set up in-person interviews. Once the placement has been made, we will send an official assignment confirmation via e-mail.


Jun 27, 2023