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Postgraduate Prosthodontics History and Alumni


The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) enjoys a rich history of notable prosthodontists and solid prosthodontic training, having both outstanding graduates and nationally prominent faculty members. Postdoctoral prosthodontic training in Memphis dates to the early 1970’s when the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) sponsored the first formal program. Since its inception, resident training in the Advanced Prosthodontics Program was shared between the VAMC and the UTHSC, which were physically separated by only a few city blocks. In November of 2007, the Program was moved, in its entirety, to the Department of Prosthodontics at the UTHSC College of Dentistry. Both the Advanced Prosthodontics Clinic, Advanced Prosthodontics Laboratories, and program support facilities are housed on the 5th floor of the Winfield C. Dunn Dental Building at 875 Union Avenue. 

Tennessee Prosthodontics Residents and Alumni

Resident's Name (Dental School) Program Duration Current Status
Paul Kuta (University of North Carolina)
Current 1st year resident
Gage McNeish (Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Current 1st year resident
Kevin Bibera (UCLA)
Current 2nd year resident
Jason Tupper (University College Cork – Ireland)
Current 2nd year resident
Shahed Bayestehtarat (Univ. of Alberta - Canada)   2021-24   Current 3rd year resident
Tony Huynh (UTHSC College of Dentistry)     2021-24   Current 3rd year resident
Jenna C. Hubacz (Tufts University) 2020-23 Current 3rd year resident
Tylere Nunnery (University of Mississippi - Jackson) 2020-23 Current 3rd year resident
Rebecca Mayall (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2017-23 Current 3rd year resident
Jane N. Moore (University of Alabama - Birmingham) 2019-22 Current 3rd year resident
Michelle Ruse* (University of North Carolina) 2019-22
Maxillofacial Prosthodontics – Charleston, SC
Brian Brodine* (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2018-21 Private Practice - Atlanta GA
George "Ryan" Sloan* (Texas A&M) 2018-21 Private Practice - Reno NV
Jeffery Henderson (Nova Southeastern University) 2017-20 US Air Force - Anchorage AK
David Rua Perez (Rutgers School of Dental Medicine) 2017-20 Private Practice - Naples FL
Angela Gullard (University of Alabama - Birmingham) 2016-19 UTHSC Faculty Member
Leila M. Sears (Oregon Health & Sciences University) 2016-19 Private Practice - Medina OH
Paul D. Edgerley (University of Missouri-Kansas City) 2015-18 Private Practice – Kirkwood, MO
Jody L. Clements* (Roseman Univ of Health Sciences) 2015-18 ClearChoice - Salt Lake City UT
Nicholas G. Norvell (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2014-17 Private Practice - Brentwood, TN
Aaron Omura* (Oregon Health & Sciences University) 2014-17 Private Practice - Ashland, OR
Sanjay Karunagaran* (University of Detroit Mercy) 2013-16 Private Practice – Medina, Ohio
Vaibhav Latthe (SMD College of Dental Sci - India) 2013-16 Private Practice - Shenandoah, TX
Amir El Hassan (Univ California San Francisco) 2013-16 Assistant Professor, University of Alabama
Nathan E. Robison (Univ of Minnesota School of Dentistry) 2012-15 Private Practice - Durango, CO
Wainscott Hollis* (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2009-15 UTHSC Faculty Member
Pradeep C. Adatrow (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2011-14 Private Practice and UTHSC Faculty Member
Jonathon S. Egbert (Creighton University) 2011-14 Private Practice - Salt Lake City, UT
Jenny Phung Stevens* (Temple University) 2011-14 US Air Force Prosthodontist
Sarah Gibbs (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2010-13 Private Practice - Palm Coast, FL
Andrew Johnson* (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2010-13 Private Practice - Fayetteville, AR
J. Heath Balch (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2009-12 ClearChoice - Nashville TN
Russell D. Morrell (Temple University) 2009-12 Private Practice - Memphis TN
Mark J. Hopkins (University of Saskatchewan) 2008-11 Private Practice - Victoria, B.C., Canada
Nicholas L. Egbert* (Creighton University) 2008-11 Private Practice - Salt Lake City, UT
Vinay Jain (Govt. Dental College - India) 2007-10 UTHSC Faculty Member
Swati A. Ahuja (Nair Dental College - India) 2006-09 Private Practice - Mumbai, India
Jonathan M. Hart (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2006-09 Private Practice - Little Rock, AR

History Note: April 2006

On April 5, 2006, David Cagna petitioned the ADA-CODA to increase enrollment in the UTHSC Advanced Prosthodontics Program from 1 resident per year to 2 residents per year. On June 8, 2006, this request was approved. On November 30, 2007, the ADA-CODA approved a request to house the UTHSC Advanced Prosthodontics Program entirely at the UTHSC College of Dentistry.

Resident's Name (Dental School) Program Duration Current Status
Suzanne K. Coco (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2005-08 Private Practice - Little Rock, AR
Audrey M. Selecman (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2004-07 UTHSC Faculty Member
John West Lewis (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2003-06 Staff Prosthodontist, VAMC Memphis, TN

History Note: July 2004

Upon John Gary's untimely death on April 26, 2004, Tony Wicks served as transitional coordinator of the UT Graduate Prosthodontics Program until David Cagna was appointed as permanent Director on July 1, 2004. At this point in time, the program was formally renamed the UTHSC Advanced Prosthodontics Program.

Resident's Name (Dental School) Program Duration Current Status
Darton D. Taylor (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2002-05 Private Practice and UTHSC Faculty Member
Paivi A. Samant (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2001-04 Private Practice - Gainesville, FL
Ngoc H. Tran (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 2000-03 Private Practice - Germantown, TN
Brendan Bernhart (UTHSC College of Dentistry) 1998-01 Private Practice - Fairfax, VA

History Note: April 1997

In April 1997, Linda Wible communicated with the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation requesting that UT sponsor the Graduate Prosthodontics Program. William F. Bowles, Chair of the UT Department of Prosthodontics, provided a letter supporting this transition. The request was approved and Dr. Bowles assumed directorship of the Program. On December 22, 1998, John Gary was appointed Acting Director of the Advanced Prosthodontics Program.

Resident's Name (Dental School) Program Duration Current Status
Larry D. Powell (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1996-99 Private Practice - Hot Springs Village AR
Ettienne R. Van Zyl (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1995-97 Private Practice - Rogers, AR
J. Scott Scallion (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1994-96 Private Practice - Little Rock, AR
John C. Howell (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1993-95 Private Practice - North Little Rock, AR
Michael McBride (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1992-94 Meharry Dental School Faculty Member
Fredrick A. Shaw, III* (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1991-93 Private Practice - Austin, TX
Kenneth K. Lisenby (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1990-92 Retired

History Note: April 1990

In April 1990, Linda Wible was appointed Director of the Prosthodontics Residency Program in the VAMC Memphis TN.

Resident's Name (Dental School) Program Duration Current Status
Carl Wegner (Northwestern Univ.) 1989-91 Unknown
William D. Caldwell (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1988-90 Retired
Peter J. Simone (Tufts Univ.) 1987-89 Private Practice - Larchmont, NY
Marc A. Cohen (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1986-88 Private Practice - Memphis, TN
John R. Popper (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1985-87 Private Practice - Kingsport, TN
A. Max Metcalf (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1984-86 Unknown
James J. Simone* (New York Univ.) 1983-85 Private Practice - Larchmont, NY
Harry W. McCool (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1982-84 Private Practice - Lilburn, GA
Jeff Raphael (dental school unknown) 1981-83 Unknown
Thomas D. Flanders (SUNY at Buffalo) 1980-82 Private Practice - Murrells Inlet, SC
Michael A. Smith (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1979-81 Private Practice - Germantown, TN
Linda O. Wible (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1978-80 Retired
Tom Peaspanon (dental school unknown) 1976-78 Unknown
Carl W. Schulter* (Temple University) 1975-77 Private Practice - Memphis, TN

History Note: 1975

In 1975, Stephen Garrett was appointed Director of the Prosthodontics Residency Program in the VAMC Memphis TN.

Resident's Name (Dental School) Program Duration Current Status
Ronald Foltz (dental school unknown) 1974-76 Deceased
Arthur Swanson (Southern Illinois Univ.) 1973-75 Retired
Stephen E. Garrett* (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1972-74 Retired
Terence C. Hilger (Case Western Reserve Univ.)  1970-72 UTHSC Faculty Member
William E. Smith* (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis) 1970-72 Retired
David Owens (Louisianan State Univ.)  1968-70 Unknown
Jack A. Tyson* (Univ. Tennessee, Memphis)   1968-70 Retired

* indicates Diplomate status, American Board of Prosthodontics.

Tennessee Prosthodontic Program Directors

Director's Name Appointment Date Completion Date Appointment
David R. Cagna, DMD, MS* July 1, 2004 Present Program Director
Russell A. Wicks, DDS, MS April 26, 2004 July 1, 2004 Transitional Coordinator
John J. Gary, DDS* Dec. 22, 1998 April 26, 2004 Acting Director
William F. Bowles, III, DDS* April 2, 1997 Dec. 22, 1998 Program Director
Linda O. Wible, DDS May 1990 April 2, 1997 Program Director
Stephen E. Garrett, DDS* 1975 May 1990 Program Director
James R. Douglas, DDS, MS 1972 1975 Program Director
Robert T. Holt, DDS* 1970 1972 Program Director

* indicates Diplomate status, American Board of Prosthodontics.

UT Prosthodontics Alumni and Friends

The University of Tennessee and the Advanced Prosthodontics Program is proud of its rich tradition and outstanding graduates over the years and wants to stay in touch with alumni. All are welcome to contact the program to update their current activities in the Program's database or visit the program any time they find themselves in the Memphis area. A number of recent graduates are networking to initiate a formal alumni group and an annual meeting to foster UT camaraderie, professional growth and personal development.

Alumni are encouraged to contact the Program with suggestions for the future or to express and interest in participating in the ongoing educational mission of advanced prosthodontics. Please feel free to contact the Program Director at:

David R. Cagna, DMD, MS
UTHSC College of Dentistry
Department of Prosthodontics
Advanced Prosthodontics Program
875 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38163

Dept. Office: 901-448-6930
Clinic: 901-448-7180
Fax: 901-448-1294

Oct 19, 2023