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Voice Disorder

patient with therapist

A voice disorder may be present when a person’s voice quality, pitch, or loudness differs from those who are their age, gender, or cultural background.  Voice disorders may occur at any age and may have a variety of causes, ranging from structural problems (due to changes in voice mechanism), neurogenic issues (due to problems in the nervous system), to functional disorders (due to improper use of voice mechanism). 
UTHSC offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with all types of voice disorders. Our Speech-Language Pathologists have specialized training and work closely with referring physicians to provide the best possible care for each patient.


Our Center features the most current equipment including real-time and high-definition imaging of vocal fold motion. This can be a valuable asset in diagnosis and treatment of voice and laryngeal disorders. Reports and recordings of all exams are sent to the referring physician for medical review and diagnosis.  

We provide the following minimally invasive imaging exams: 

  • High-Speed Imaging uses a rigid endoscope for viewing vocal fold dynamics in real-time. This permits examination of irregular vibratory patterns that may be not be viewed with stroboscopy alone. With this equipment, irregularities in movement are more easily viewed.
  • Video Stroboscopy also uses a rigid endoscope and a stroboscopic light source to visually evaluate laryngeal function and vibration during phonation.
  • Acoustic and Perceptual Evaluation of vocal characteristics such as pitch, loudness, and quality.


We offer voice therapy for all types of voice disorders and also provide care for professional voice users such as singers, actors, and public speakers.

The therapy setting is typically individual sessions, provided once per week and include information regarding preventative care through patient education and identification of detrimental vocal behaviors.

May 26, 2022