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Auditory Processing Evaluations and Treatment

Individuals with auditory processing (AP) issues demonstrate: 

  • Difficulty following oral directions
  • Challenges understanding in noisy environments
  • Poor auditory memory
  • Reduced attention span
  • Desire for frequent repetition of auditory information

Auditory processing evaluations can be conducted on individuals age 7 years and older, with normal hearing, and normal cognitive function.  You can expect the evaluation to take approximately two hours. Results and a management plan are discussed following the appointment.  If our audiologists recommend treatment, UTHSC also has speech-language pathologists who specialize in therapy for individuals with auditory processing challenges.

Before making an appointment for an evaluation, it may be of benefit to spend a few minutes reading the article referenced on this webpage, Understanding Auditory Processing Disorders in Children.  As the American Speech-Language Hearing Association emphasizes in this piece, “a multidisciplinary team approach is critical to fully assess and understand the cluster of problems exhibited by children with APD”.

Oct 10, 2022