BCHS Student Behavioral Health Services

Counseling Services:

  • Caryn Schmitz, Counselor
    E-Mail: Caryn.Schmitz@bchs.edu, 901-572-2660
    In an emergency or urgent situation, call the Baptist College front desk at 901-572-2468 for a Baptist student in need. UHS also has a provider on-call 24/7 at 901-541-5654.

Psychiatric Services

  • University Health Services is now available for Psychiatric services such as medication management, psychotherapy and emergency issues. UHS has a full-time Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and a part-time Psychiatrist on staff.

Telepsychiatry Services

University Health Services is pleased to announce that Dr. Iverson Bell, Psychiatrist, is now available for Telepsychiatry services for BCHS Students. Telepsychiatry is the use of video conferencing, telecommunication and information technologies to provide behavioral health care. We use a system that is secure, confidential, and private. It’s easy to connect and use for both the provider and the student.

Reasons to access Telepsychiatry Services:

  • You are out of town and need to access behavioral health services.
  • Your busy schedule prohibits you from accessing regular appointment times.
  • You have an acute concern that you want to discuss and it’s after hours.

It’s imperative that you establish yourself as a patient with Dr. Bell with an in-clinic initial visit. Dr. Bell will not be prescribing through a Telepsychiatry session, but upon review of your records (usually within 24 hours), he may be able to call in or mail prescriptions. To schedule a Telepsychiatry appointment, you can call Christa at 901-448-5064 or call Dr. Bell directly at 404-934-9465.

Contact Christa Deiss for any behavioral health questions or to schedule an appointment.

901-448-5064, 901-448-7255 Fax


If you are a UTHSC student or employee, you may now schedule appointments, exchange messages with UHS staff, complete forms or surveys, check your financial account summary, or review/print immunizations through a secure online web-based portal using your NetID and password!

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