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Students at Other Locations

For ALL students, on or off the UT Health Science Center (UTHSC) campus, a University Health Services (UHS) on-call provider is available 24/7 for any urgent issue (medical or mental health). The number to call is 901.541.5654. If you are having an emergency, call 911 to access immediate help in your area. To reach a provider at UHS, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, call 901.448.5630.

If you need to speak to someone regarding any mental health concern, on or off campus, call the Student Assistance Program (SAP) at 1.800.327.2255. They can refer you to a counselor for face-to-face appointments (or by telephone if you choose). There are providers available nation-wide. They can also assist with any emergency. SAP services are available at no cost to you.

If you are on the UnitedHealthcare Student Rescources insurance plan another resource is the 24/7 Nurse Hotline. The contact number is 877.643.5130 PIN: 211.


Some students pursuing their degrees in Knoxville pay student health fees allowing them direct access to student services offered at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville (UTK). For students enrolled in one of the audiology and speech pathology programs, or the pharmacy program and located in Knoxville, no additional actions are needed with respect to gaining access to student services on the UTK campus once fees are paid to the UTHSC.

For all UTHSC students in Knoxville

You may be seen by a UTK provider at no cost to you. There are, however, additional charges for immunizations, physical therapy, x-ray, laboratory tests, etc. that YOU are responsible for. UTK Student Health cannot file claims with your insurance carrier but will bill UTHSC directly on your behalf. UTHSC will bill you for those services, but you may submit an itemized receipt (available from UTK Student Health) for possible reimbursement from your insurance company.
United Claim Form Link

UTK Student Health contact information:

  • General Appointment Line: 865.974.3648
  • After Hours Care: 865.305.9000
  • If needed, the contact person is Dr. Spencer Gregg, Director of Student Health Services at 865.974.3648.
  • UTK Counseling Center and Mental Health Clinic contact information: 865-974-2196
    • If needed, the contact person is Dr. Paul McAnear, Director of UTK Counseling Center
    • If you have UTHSC Student Health Insurance provided through United Healthcare, please find mental health providers off campus here.  For more information about the insurance plan including a summary of benefits and premium costs, please visit
  • Mobile Crisis Helen Ross McNabb 865-637-9711
  • UTHSC After Hours Counseling Line: 901-690-2273
  • Share a CARE Concern:
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP) at 1.800.327.2255.

For medical students located in Knoxville

For services rendered at the Knoxville Student Health Center, we have reached a billing agreement with UTHSC:

As a UTHSC student, you have paid a small fee within your tuition that covers almost all of your care at UT Knoxville Student Health Center. This means you may be seen by a provider at no cost to you.There are, however, additional charges for immunizations, procedures, x-ray, laboratory tests, etc. that are not covered under this student health fee. If you need a TB skin test, UTHSC University Health Services will pay this fee. There is no charge to you.UT Knoxville Student Health cannot file claims with your insurance carrier but will transfer the charge to your UTHSC banner account on your behalf.You may submit an itemized receipt/walk out statement (available from UT Knoxville Student Health) for possible reimbursement for these charges from your insurance company. If you are on the UTHSC United Student Insurance plan, visit the Students at Other Locations page for the United Form for reimbursement. Attach the itemized receipt and send to United. 

For additional information about your student insurance policy visit the Student Health Insurance page or please contact:

Holland Insurance, Inc., Phone: 662.895.5528, Toll Free: 888.393.9500, Fax: 662.895.5549;

You can remit payment by logging into your account in UTHSC Banner-Self Service Account.

  1. Go to: Banner Self-Service
  2. Enter Your Net ID and Password.
  3. At the Main Menu, click on Student.
  4. On the Student menu, click on Student Account.
  5. Click on Account Summary.
  6. Next, click on Pay Your Fees.
  7. Click on Make a Payment under Quick View or select the Option of your choice and follow the instructions.

Please Note:  Payment can be made from the billing site with a Web Check, Discover, MasterCard or American Express.  A non-refundable 2.75% service fee will apply to the credit card payments.

For more information on what to do for a distressed student in Knoxville, go to helping distressed students.

For Pharmacy students located in Nashville, special arrangements have been made to provide access to the Vanderbilt Student Health Center for medical care and urgent behavioral health care. Most services are at no cost, but please be aware that the services at Vanderbilt may be different from UTHSC and you may be responsible for some fees related to your visits.

Students in Chattanooga may access the UTC University Health Services for medical care and/or behavioral health care.  The services received there are not covered under any student health fees. All services are filed on your insurance. Students are responsible for bringing the required paperwork (from their website) and their insurance card at the time of their visit. They do file insurance for each appointment as a courtesy, but you are responsible for any fees related to your visit. Cash pay discounts are also available, but payment is expected at the time of service. If you cannot pay at the time of your visit, payment arrangements can be made. NO student is turned away for lack of payment. You are able to receive behavioral health counseling at no charge to you through the Student Assistance Program (see above).

May 26, 2022