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PGY-3 Curriculum

The third year of training is devoted primarily to the outpatient treatment of both adults and children. Experiences in the Psychiatry Outpatient Clinics and the Child Development Center enhance the residents understanding of individual and family psychopathology and of the complex psychopathology and psychosocial dynamics that motivate behavior. Major emphasis is placed on helping residents integrate elements of biological, social, and dynamic psychiatry as they develop an increasingly firm sense of professional identity and autonomy.

Courses and Seminars

Outpatient Psychotherapy (12 months)

This seminar provides training and experience in a wide variety of treatment modalities including individual long-term dynamic psychotherapy, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and existential psychotherapies. Relevant articles are reviewed and discussed. Videotapes of the residents' psychotherapy sessions with their patients are reviewed and discussed.

Behavior Therapy (2 months)

Systematic desensitization, classical and operant conditioning, and other operant paradigms are reviewed; residents are encouraged to begin to use these techniques in psychotherapy.

Mood and Anxiety Disorders Seminar (12 months)

An ongoing review of diagnostic issues, psychobiology, pharmacotherapy and behavior therapy of mood and anxiety disorders. Live interviews of residents' ongoing patients are conducted by faculty members.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Disorders (3 month)

Common child and adolescent psychopathology, diagnosis, and treatment are discussed and illustrated with case studies.

Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders (6 months)

This seminar endeavors to integrate various psychotherapy viewpoints, focusing on treatment of severe personality disorders. Therapy is illustrated by direct observation of senior faculty in ongoing psychotherapy with patients and by videotape supervision of a resident with an ongoing case.

Group Psychotherapy (6 months)

Principles of group therapy are illustrated in lectures and videotapes; residents learn how to form and conduct their own psychotherapeutic groups.

Couples and Family Therapy (6 months)

Systems, communications, behavioral, and object relations approaches to couples and family therapy are illustrated in readings, discussions, videotapes, role playing and lectures.

May 26, 2022