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Continuing Education FAQs

What kinds of CE will be offered this year?

During the year, we offer a variety of ways for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to earn continuing education credits to maintain existing competency and to develop new competencies. The methods for earning CE credits include live seminars, live teleconferences, web-based courses, and independent-study courses.

You can also visit the UT Advanced Studies in Pharmacy website for additional offerings of both Live and Home CE that are co-sponsored by the University of Tennessee.

Are all these programs approved for CE credit in Tennessee?
All of the following continuing education activities are approved for CE credit in the majority of those states, including Tennessee, requiring proof of continuing education for re-licensure as a pharmacist or re-certification as a pharmacy technician.
How many hours do I need?
The CE requirement for pharmacists licensed in Tennessee is 30 hours every two years, renewed on a staggered monthly basis. PTCB certified technicians must complete 20 hours of CE every two years, including one hour of law (ACPE number ending in "03").
Are there any requirements as to the type of credits? 
The Tennessee Board of Pharmacy requires 30 hours of CE credit during the proceeding two-year period of your license renewal. One-half (15 hours) of these hours must be live programs.
How do I know if a program is live?
Live programs are designated as "L" (as opposed to home study or correspondence courses designated as "H") in the last three digits of the ACPE program number. 
What do the other numbers in the ACPE number mean? 
Some states  not Tennessee — require that a portion of the CE requirement be from select topics designated by the last digit of the ACPE number: 01-Therapeutics, 02-AIDS, 03-Law, 04-General or 05-Drug Safety. PTCB certified pharmacy technicians in Tennessee must complete one hour of law every two years -- program number ending in 03. The designation "P" is for pharmacists only, "T" for technicians only, or "P & T" if the program is accredited for both pharmacists and technicians. 
Where can I obtain my credits?

The Tennessee Board of Pharmacy, Rule 1140-05-.01 (1) REQUIREMENTS FOR PHARMACIST LICENSE RENEWAL, which is on page 217 of the green 2011 Tennessee Pharmacy Laws, states the following:

Every person licensed as a pharmacist shall complete at least thirty (30) hours of continuing pharmaceutical education during each two (2) year license cycle. The required thirty (30) hours shall consist of at least fifteen (15) hours obtained through live contact programs. In order to fulfill the fifteen (15) live contact hour requirement, a pharmacist shall obtain the hours from a program designated as “live” by ACPE accredited provider, from a program that is approved by the board prior to the expiration of the pharmacist’s license or from an out-of-state program that is approved by the board of pharmacy in the state where the program was presented.

Beginning September 2013, the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Rule clarified Rule 1140-05-.01 (1) to allow live CE credit for attending Board meetings. The Board has authorized pharmacists to obtain two (2) live contact hours on a full day and one (1) live contact hour on a designated half-day if visiting a Board meeting. Note that these hours are not ACPE accredited and may not satisfy other state licensure requirements.

How do I know if the provider is ACPE accreditated?
To determine if a provider of continuing education is accredited by the ACPE, look for the ACPE logo and a program number on informational brochures.
What if I'm licensed in states other than Tennessee?
UTHSC College of Pharmacy sponsored activities will be acceptable in all states that recognize ACPE accredited providers. Credits obtained at one activity will usually meet the requirement in multiple states.
How do I enroll or register?
For most programs, you may enroll by mailing a check or on-line with credit card. For most of the live seminars, registration information will be mailed 4 to 6 weeks prior to each activity and will be posted on the College's web site, then click on Online Seminar Enrollment.
What about pharmacy technicians? Are they invited to participate in CE activities? 
Pharmacy technicians who are certified through the PTCB are required to obtain CE. Many programs will be offered for both pharmacists and technicians. These will be designated as "P" for pharmacists, "T" for technicians, or "P & T" if the program is accredited for both pharmacists and technicians. 
 Other questions?
Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Office

Nashville, Tennessee
615.741.2718 (telephone)
615.741.2722 (fax)
Visit their website

UTHSC College of Pharmacy CE Office
Knoxville, Tennessee
865.974.6605 (telephone)
865.974.2987 (fax)
Glen E. Farr, PharmD

Last Published: Nov 7, 2017