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Secondary Information

We will begin interviewing applicants in October, ending around the second week in April. If you have been notified via email that your application for admission to the UT Health Science Center College of Medicine has been selected for further consideration, congratulations. Interview appointments are scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from October through the second week of April by invitation only.

The College of Medicine Admissions Office uses e-mail as its primary source of communication when notifying applicants. This includes communications about missing information, receipt of the Secondary Information Form, interview invitations and confirmations. We ask that you check your e-mail often and notify both AMCAS and the Medicine Admissions Office of any changes in your e-mail address. It is imperative that you check your e-mail program to determine if you can override the spam filters and authorize all communications from "". If you cannot override the filter, you should look at your spam folder to see if the e-mail host program has intercepted a communication from our medical school. All application materials must be received by the College of Medicine Admissions Office no later than February 17.

Do not complete the UTHSC Banner Application until you have been offered an acceptance.

Submitting the Secondary Information Form

  1. Complete the Secondary Application sent to you via WebAMIT as an Applicant Gateway Activity.
  2. Upload a recent photograph through the Document Collection Applicant Gateway Activity sent to you. This should be a recent photo taken within the last six months to reflect your current appearance (no hat; a full head shot). Social photos or family photos are not acceptable and the photo is used for identification purposes only. Make sure your photo portrays you as the professional person you are.
  3. You must notify the College of Medicine Office of Admissions, in writing, of any course changes, additions or deletions you have made AFTER submitting your AMCAS application and/or the Secondary Application.

Falsification of Documentation

Applicants who receive the Secondary Information Form must understand any intentional misrepresentation of any information contained in the Secondary may result in a denial of the Secondary or may result in dismissal from the University if admitted before the inaccuracy is discovered.

Prospective Students Must Meet Minimum Technical Standards

The College of Medicine Committee on Admissions will consider for admission applicants who demonstrate the ability to perform or to learn to perform the essential skills listed in theTechnical Standards for Medical Students page. The College must ensure that patients are not placed in jeopardy by students or physicians with substantially impaired intellectual, physical, or emotional functions. Students will be evaluated not only on their scholastic accomplishments, but also on their physical and emotional capacities to meet the full requirements of the school's curriculum and to graduate as skilled and effective practitioners of medicine.

AAMC Recommendations for Medical School Applicant

To ensure that applicants are afforded timely notification of the outcome of their medical school applications and timely access to available first-year positions and that schools are protected from having unfilled positions in their entering classes, you are asked to read the recommendations promulgated by the Association of American Medical Colleges [AAMC]. These recommendations are being distributed for the information of prospective medical students, their advisors and personnel at the medical schools to which they have applied.

Pre-Professional Evaluation Letters and Letters of Recommendation

AMCAS accepts letters of Evaluation/Recommendation for participating medical schools. This service enables medical schools to receive all letters electronically via AMCAS and enables your authors to send all letters to be considered by schools participating in this service to AMCAS rather than each school.

Making Changes and Updates to Your Medical School Application

Updates to an application are reserved for candidates who have been invited for an interview. If you have questions about the AMCAS primary application, contact the AAMC Section for Student Services at 202.828.0600. For information about AMCAS post-submission actions and permitted changes, you can visit the AMCAS Postsubmission Actions page.

Jun 1, 2023