Tax Deferred Annuities

The University offers employees who wish to set aside additional retirement income an opportunity to enroll in one or more Tax Deferred Annuities.  The plans available to eligible employees are defined in the Internal Revenue Code as: 401(k), 401(k) Roth, 403(b), and 457 plans.  Under current tax law, these plans provide opportunities to defer a portion of your income, the taxes on that income, and any interest earned until such time as you actually receive the funds, which usually occurs after retirement. In addition, employees who are separating from service may elect to make a tax deferred contribution from their unused annual leave payout.

Participation in these programs is available to all faculty and staff on a voluntary basis. The University does not endorse a particular plan nor does it encourage or discourage employee participation. The numbers of the various plans refer to where the information can be found in the Internal Revenue Service Code (IRS).

How to enroll in the 401(k)/401(k) Roth or 457

All enrollment and changes are done via the Empower Retirement website.

How to make changes to an active account

All changes are made via the Empower Retirement website.

Empower Retirement Representative contact information:

Alese Pewitt, Retirement Plan Counselor
Cell: 901-378-1766
Phone: 615-244-1030 ext. 47002
Fax: 615-256-5280


How to enroll in the 403(b)

Complete the UTHSC 403b enrollment form, and bring it to the Benefits office.

Once a company has been selected, contact the company directly for their enrollment process

  • Provide online confirmation or paper form if possible.

Company information