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Considering Retirement

Considering retirement can be exciting and scary all at the same time and you may be filled with questions and concerns. The UTHSC Benefits Office is here to assist and help you facilitate the process as you transition into retirement.

As a first step, we highly recommend that you attend our quarterly Retirement training class: I’m Thinking About Retirement, Now What? This class is designed to increase employees' understanding of the retirement process from beginning to end.

Register online via K@TE.

If you are unable to attend a retirement class, please review the I'm Thinking About Retirement PowerPoint Presentation.

Once you are ready to start the retirement process, retirement counseling sessions can be requested by email or phone. Please contact Debbie Jackson at or 901.448.8547.

Post Retirement Employment

Employees who retire from the University of Tennessee, may return to State/UT employment in a temporary status without effecting their retirement benefits. To return to work, the retiree and hiring department must adhere to specific employment and compensation guidelines.

The hiring department must complete and forward a TCRS Temporary Employment Report prior to the employees return to work to the UT Benefits office.  The Temporary Employment Report requires information regarding the retirees planned working hours and provides the compensation limits. A Temporary Employment Report must be completed each 12-month period the retiree works. A returning faculty member must also complete a Post Retirement Contract which is initiated by the employing department.

  1. Retired employees must wait sixty (60) days from the date of retirement before beginning temporary employment.
    1. An exception to the sixty (60) day waiting period may be allowed if the department certifies in writing that no other qualified person is reasonably available.  This letter should accompany the Temporary Employment Report.
  2. The hiring department must initiate a PIF to HR: to begin the re-hire process.
    1. If there is at least a 1 day break in service, the retiree must complete new hire paperwork including an I-9.
    2. If there is a 30 day break in service, the retiree will be required to complete new hire paperwork and complete a new background check.
  3. Retirees are only allowed to work 960 hours or 120 days within the 12 month period.
    1. The retiree should keep a record of hours worked to ensure they remain within in the hour limit. 
  4. Retirees are eligible to participate in the tax deferred annuities (401k, 457, 403b) while in a temporary work status.
  5. Retirees wages are subject to federal withholding and social security taxes.
  6. Retirees working in a temporary status are not eligible for medical benefits or longevity.
  7. Retired employees who work in private sector have no work restrictions but may want to determine impact on Social Security benefits.
Jan 17, 2024