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Retirement Plan Election

Non-exempt Employees
(Eligible for overtime pay and has bi-weekly pay cycle)

Non-exempt employees are automatically enrolled in the TCRS Hybrid and no enrollment forms are required. Members will be required to register beneficiary at 

Exempt Employees
(Ineligible for overtime pay and has monthly pay cycle)

Exempt employees should make an election of one of the two retirement plans and submit required forms within 30 days of hire date. No response will cause a default enrollment in the TCRS Hybrid.

Step 1 - Choose a Plan

Select the program that best fits your individual needs. (TCRS or ORPH)

Step 2 - Complete Enrollment Forms

Every exempt or monthly paid employee must complete the following forms:

If ORPH is elected, a company (or companies) must be elected and an online enrollment is required. Please visit their websites for instructions. Your online enrollment must be confirmed on the Premium Distribution Form.

ULPS-John Hancock Enrollment
UT employees who are also employed with UT LeBonheur Pediatric Specialists should also complete the John Hancock enrollment.  Once the online enrollment is complete, a confirmation page must be printed, signed and forwarded to the UT Benefits Office. Enrollment instructions are provided in the John Hancock Enrollment Flyer.  

Step 3 - Return Completed Forms

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Last Published: Jun 17, 2021