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ETD Guide and Other Forms

Streaming Videos: ETD Formatting and MS Word Workshop, August 3, 2011

  • August 2011, ET/D Formatting Workshop Video. This current version of the workshop video is a Mediasite presentation which requires Sliverlight Player. The live stream presentation begins at 12:30 p.m. CDT, Aug. 3, 3011. However, this video and URL are saved for later viewing. Before viewing this workshop, make sure you have the latests ET/D guide, the Appendix to this guide, and the PowerPoint slides that go with this presentation (available in this site). You should print these documents and follow along as you view the video. This presentation is 3+ hours long so plan on taking some breaks. NOTE: Please contact Larry Tague ( or 901-448-7152) for assistance with questions concerning these video presentations.
  • The ET/D MS Word Workshop presented by Tricia Page, Feburay 10, 2012. The video of this workshop was recorded in Microsoft SilverLight format. If you do not have a SilverLight player, you can download a free copy from
  • Much of this Word workshop is devoted to our Microsoft Word ET/D template. Therefore it is highly recommended that you first download the template before viewing this presentation. This template has been used by several students since March 2011 with good results. However, adjustments are made to this template as we receive feedback and/or discover needed changes. The name of this template, i.e., Grad_Template-8-22-11.docx, contains the date of the most recent adjustments. The current template has been written in Microsoft Word for Windows, but we hope to also have a version for Macintosh users soon. Note: Macintosh users can also use this template, but when you convert to pdf format, multiple pdf documents will be generated based on your section breaks. To merge these files select the Adobe Acrobat option to combine these files into a single file. In Acrobat, go to File > Combine and select the Merge Files into a Single PDF... option. Drag your files into the interactive window, arrange them in the proper order, and click the Combine button. Name the file appropriately and continue. Using Acrobat Preflight (Advanced > Preflight...) convert this resulting document into a PDF/A-1b compliant document using the "Convert to PDF/A-1b (sRGB)" option. Preflight will attempt to correct problems that are encountered. If you use this template, please give us some feedback on your experience. We want the good, the bad, and the ugly about this template so that we can adjust it as needed. This is not a required workshop, but it is highly recommended. It can save you considerable time. Send comments to Larry Tague ( Updated 02-14-2012


Note: If you are using the Microsoft Word template do not use the "Title page" templates listed below. View them as examples only.
  • ET/D Template (02/14/2012) - Microsoft Word for Windows (Macintosh users note the information in the ET/D MS Word Workshop section above). To make sure your document content is within the proper margins, please download and use our PDF watermark image, TPwatermarkO.pdf (10/18/2011) . To apply this image as a watermark, from the Word version of your ET/D select Insert --> Watermark... In the Watermark dialog window, select the Picture option; click the Select Picture button; select your copy of TPWatermarkO.pdf; select Washout and set the scale to 100% using the pull-down selector and then click OK. Before saving your document after checking it with the watermark, remove the watermark by again selecting Insert --> Watermark..., then click the No picture option and the OK button.
  • Approval/Signature Page (9/17/2010)
  • Title Page (standard)
  • Title Page(BME&I)
  • Index Page (2/17/2012)

Creating an account for submitting your thesis/dissertation to UMI/ProQuest: Instructions and screen shots link

  • You must create this account before your thesis/dissertation will be reviewed. You may use this UTHSC ProQuest link to either login if you already have an account, or click on the "Create an account" link in the "New User" block to create a new account.
  • You can return to the account and update information as long as your final ET/D has not been locked and/or uploaded to UMI.
  • The information in your UMI account (e.g., title, abstract, delayed release, etc.) must match the information on your index page that you submit with your ET/D.
  • UMI/ProQuest no longer collects "Traditional Publishing" fees for a thesis or dissertation.

    However, all other fees for service will be collected at the time you register (submit) your account with UMI/ProQuest. For example if you want UMI to file for copyright on your behalf they will collect the fee directly. Payment to UMI/ProQuest will require a credit card, a debit card, or a gift credit card (for those who do not have a standard credit card), when you create your UMI account. (updated July 29, 2011)

Creating a PDF/A-1b document from Word on a:

  • PC (updated 16 Feb. 2010)
  • Mac (updated 16 Feb. 2010)
  • Helpful Hints (updated 16 Feb. 2010)
  • ETD Supplements: Contains additional PDF/A-1b instructions (updated July 29, 2011).
  • Note: You must use the most recent version (currently 9.0) of Adobe Acrobat Professional to create/fix your PDF/A-1b compliant document. (If you use an earlier version, you may get compliance, but your PDF/A-1b will not be compliant with the most recent version and will not be accepted.)

    If you do not have access to the most recent version, you can use the Macs or PCs in the Health Sciences Library (Multimedia Lab and E-Classroom). You can also use two PCs in the GEB Computer Lab. The PCs are on the back left-hand table and face the wall at the end of the table. They are named Wolf and Bellini.

Instructions for requesting bound paper copies for personal use.

NOTE: If you want the dean's signature on the approval (signature) page to be bound with your personal copies, you must take the extra approval pages to the CGHS office and request the dean's signature (this may take 1-2 days). Then it is your responsibility to deliver these signed approval pages to your binder, and make sure they will be included in the proper location. The CGHS will not take responsibility for this step.

Other forms you will need

More information about using these forms

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Format Review

When submitting your ET/D PDF documents for format review, always wait until you receive feedback on the first document before submitting another version. Each review can take up to one week, and document control (the way you know which version is the most current) is critical to avoid wasting time and effort.

There are two ways to utilize Blackboard for format review. Refer to the latest ET/D Guide document for additional details. Do not attach a PDF file to an email; many ET/D files are too large for the UTHSC e-mail system.

Regardless of which way you use to submit your ETD for format review, e-mail Shirley Hancock and Larry Tague them know you are ready to begin your ET/D review process.

Each review takes at least one week, and most documents require 4-5 reviews before being approved for final submission.

Currently (2011), each student is alloted 12 hours of free format review time. If additional format review time is needed, the student is responsible for negotiating a private arrangement which must be paid by the student.

Preliminary/Partial Reviews

While you may submit portions of your T/D for one or two preliminary reviews to help ensure that you are on the right track with format issues, the following are all required for a partial submission:

  • All front matter and the unsigned Approval page; such items as the Table of Contents need not be complete, but they should have enough content to indicate your basic format.
  • At least one chapter that contains text, tables, or figures.
  • A List of References at the end for the chapters submitted.

Note: Time utilized for preliminary/partial reviews count against the 12 free hours of review. However, this expenditure of time at the beginning of the review process can save time if repetitive mistakes are made and must be corrected throughout the entire manuscript.

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General Instructions

Keep copies of your ETD in different places: lab computer, home computer. As insurance, back up your files regularly and print a copy.

Make final changes, pagination check, and translation to PDF using the same software version, computer type, and printer. Otherwise, pagination, line breaks, page breaks, and text formatted with tabs or spaces may change.

Special characters (e.g., Greek letters and other symbols) can sometimes create problems when translating from one program/format to another. Check these carefully just before submission.

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Levels of Security

Currently, the UTHSC ET/D levels of security are equivalent to ProQuest/UMI levels of security:

  1. Complete thesis/dissertation protection: Not available to anyone. Normally used while patent review is in progress. Considered a temporary security category. The abstract is published to both ProQuest/UMI, and to the campus ET/D metadata page. The abstracts and Index pages are available immediately for public review. Authors must be careful that no patentable information is contained in their Index page including the abstract.
  2. Available on the World-Wide Web. Anyone, anywhere can access your ETD.

If a delayed release is requested, the document's security is downgraded to level 2 upon expiration of the delay unless a written justification signed by the research advisor or the student is received by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. The student and mentor are also responsible for contacting ProQuest/UMI if an extension to the original delayed release is necessary.

PDF Files

To create an archival PDF, you will need Adobe Acrobat Professional. Check to see if this software is available in your lab. If not, try the computer labs in the GEB or Health Sciences Library. If all else fails, you will need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Note that if you prepare your E/TD on one computer/printer configuration and create a PDF using a different computer/printer configuration, page breaks and other aspects of the document may shift. Check each page carefully after creating the PDF.

Use the hyperlink feature in Acrobat from your Table of Contents, List of Tables, and List of Figures to pages, tables, and figures in your document.

If you need assistance with Adobe Acrobat conversions, please contact Larry Tague, Assistant Dean, at 901-448-7152 or email him at

Requirement. Your entire document should be in one file to create a properly paginated PDF document.

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HTML Files

If you have a special need to create your E/TD in HTML, please contact Larry Tague by phone at 901-448-7152, or by email at

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For policy and standards assistance:

Larry Tague
466 Madison 920 (CGHS)
Phone: 901-448-7152

For format review:

Shirley Hancock
Phone: 901-757-2663

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