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Postdoctoral Office

Transition to Regular Employee Town Hall

A recording of the town hall about the transition to regular employee status is here.

A recording of a Q&A session is here

The overall goal of the Postdoctoral Office is to help ensure and enhance the quality and quantity of postdocs and their training experience. We provide support and services for our postdoc fellows and their faculty mentors.

The Postdoctoral Office was established in 2007, as a component of the Office of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs, with the charge to provide appropriate infrastructure support for postdocs and their mentors. In August 2011, the responsibility for the Postdoctoral Office was transferred to the College of Graduate Health Sciences.

We work with the UTHSC Postdoctoral Association (UTPhDA), the Postdoc Advisory Committee and support the National Postdoc Association. The Postdoc Office has specific responsibility for developing and overseeing policies that relate to postdoc training and work conditions as outlined in the UTHSC Postdoctoral Fellow Handbook and the Compact. The Postdoc Office is housed in the 920 Madison building, room 807.

Feel free to email us at with your questions, comments or concerns.


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Last Published: Apr 30, 2021