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Hot Work Program

The requirements of the UTHSC Hot Work program apply to all UTHSC personnel and visitors (e.g., contractors, vendors, etc.) performing hot work on campus, as defined in the UTHSC Hot Work Policy. This includes the following types of construction or maintenance work:

  • Welding and allied processes
    · Heat Treating
    · Grinding
    · Soldering
  • Heat Gun and/or Torch applied roofing
    · Thawing pipe
    · Powder-driven fasteners
    · Similar applications producing a spark, flame or heat
  1. Hot Work associated with construction repairs and other activities/sites with changing conditions require a Daily Hot Work Permit.
  2. Individuals performing hot work must complete hot work program training prior to commencing hot work on campus. This training is provided by the Fire Safety Officer or his designee.
  3. The Hot Work Permit may be printed here and completed or obtained from the Fire Safety Officer in the Physical Plant building located at 201 East Street.
  4. The Hot Work Permit must be reviewed and signed by the Permit Authorizing Individual (PAI) before hot work may begin. The UTHSC Fire Safety Officer or his designee is the sole individual on campus that may authorize a hot work permit. The Fire Safety Officer, Scott Adams, may be contacted by calling 901-448-5619 or emailing
  5. The executed Hot Work Permit must be visibly posted in the hot work area. The Hot Work Permit is void if modified or if the hot work area is relocated or reconfigured.
  6. Executed Hot Work Permits must be returned to the PAI upon expiration or completion of work. Completed or expired permits may be dropped off at the Fire Safety Officer’s office in the Physical Plant (201 East Street).

Additional details about the Hot Work Program are provided in the Hot Work Policy.

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Jul 5, 2022