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Occupational Safety

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is committed to provides a safe and productive work environment. The departments of Campus Safety and Emergency Management and Research Safety Affairs are available to assist managers and employees promote continuous improvement in workplace safety.

Reporting Concerns

All staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to report safety concerns or near misses. Concerns can be reported to supervisors, department heads, or directly emailing Campus Safety.

Report a Concern Now

Contact information for key personnel involved with occupational safety is provided below.

Campus Safety (Occupational Safety, Fire Safety, Environmental Safety)

  • Chief Safety Officer: Tim Barton – 901.448.7374
  • Fire Safety: Scott Adams – 901.448.5619
  • Environmental Safety: Keith Hoover – 901.448.6115
  • Campus Safety Email:
  • Fire Safety Email:

Research Safety (Lab Safety, Radiation Safety, Bio Safety):

  • Director: Tim Barton – 901.448.7374
  • Biological Safety Officer: Ramesh Ray – 901.448.2054
  • Radiation Safety: Terry Coggins – 901.448.6021
  • Lab safety Email:
  • Radiation Safety Email:


Safety Manuals

The campus safety manual contains policies, procedures, and written plans. Some are required by regulations or UT system policy while others serve as guidance documents. If you have questions regarding any safety policy, procedure, or plan, contact the Campus Safety and Emergency Management. The main sections of the manual are:

  • General Safety
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency Management

Safety Training

Training is an important part of every employee’s job and is required by regulation in some cases. Campus Safety will assign to new employees safety training based on their job responsibilities. Other task-specific safety training, such as the location and use of PPE or department-specific work practices, must be provided by the supervisors or their designee. Campus Safety and Emergency Management is available to assist with safety training curriculum or materials upon request. 

To ensure the accessibility of safety training to UTHSC personnel including both staff and students, safety courses or accessible on Blackboard. Personnel must be enrolled in the course before it can be accessed. Supervisors must request course enrollment for specific employees by emailing

Safety courses accessible on Blackboard include the following:

  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Laboratory safety
  • Hazardous waste management
  • A wide variety of topics for Facilities personnel


Jan 4, 2024