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UTHSC Safety Manual

Procedure Number




UTHSC Special Events Emergency Plan

Assembly, event, crown, security, notification, life safety


Fire Prevention Plan

NFPA, Contractors, fire extinguishers, flammable liquids, storage, evacuation, alarm and suppression systems


Portable Fire Extinguisher Policy

Extinguishers, training, inspections, selection, installation, maintenance


Hot Work Policy

Hot work permit, contractors, welding, grinding, heat treating, training


Ladder Safety Policy

Ladder, inspection, training, procedure, record keeping


Lock Out Tag Out Safety Policy

Hazardous energy, maintenance work, training, lockout devices, lock removal, training, recordkeeping, inspections


Motor Vehicle Safety Policy

UTHSC vehicle, operator requirements, maintenance, 15-passenger vans, training, recordkeeping


Respiratory Safety Protection Policy

Respirator, medical approval, fit test, training, N95, Powered Air-purifying Respirator (PAPR), vapors, particulates


Slips Trips and Falls Safety Policy

High risk area, maintenance, footwear, hazard, reporting, inspections, reporting


Unmanned Aircrafts Systems Policy

Unmanned aircraft, drone, FAA,


Smoke Free Campus

Smoking, smoke products, e-cigarettes, designated areas, cessation resources, violations


Contractor Safety Program and Guidelines

Multi-employer work sites, site visits, job site checklist, health and safety plan


Contractor Safety Training Orientation

Safety orientation, UTHSC procedures, incident reporting, fire safety, smoke-free campus, hot work permit, PPE, ladders, aerial lifts, fall protection, barricades,  signs, confined spaces, hazard communication, waste management


Contractor Safety Procedures Manual

Health and safety plan, air quality, asbestos, excavations, fall protection, hazardous material storage, mold, PPE, fall protection

GS5113 Electrical Safety Policy Electrical equipment, arc flash, wiring, extension cords, contractors, installation, PPE, energized electrical work permit, hand tools, training
GS5115 Emergency Eyewash and Safety Showers Eyewash, shower, inspection, testing
GS5116 Confined Space Program Confined space, permit-required, entry, attendant, training
GS5117 Fall Protection Fall protection, personal fall arrest system, scaffolding, aerial lift, training


UTHSC Exposure Control Plan

Bloodborne pathogens, sharps injury, patient care, hepatitis vaccination, exposure response


Hazard Communication

Hazardous chemicals, Safety Data Sheets, chemical inventory, training, labels


Compressed Gas Policy

Compressed gas, gas cylinders, storage, handling management, training, procedures


Compressed Gas Guidelines

PPE, storage limits, transportation, regulators, labeling, hazard classes, flammable gases, disposal, leaks


Regulated Medical Waste Policy

Biohazard, infectious, waste, red bags, training


Controlled Substances Policy

Drugs, DEA, Tennessee Board of Pharmacy, schedules, recordkeeping, training


Formaldehyde Exposure

Formaldehyde, formalin, exposure, monitoring, training, respirator


Laser Safety Program

Laser, laser safety, eye protection, beam hazards, non-beam hazards


Non-Ionizing Radiation Program

Non-ionizing radiation, UV light, visible light, infrared, microwave, radio frequency (RF), magnetic field, 5 gauss

RS 001

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Laboratory, chemical handling, flammable liquids, corrosive, reactive, PPE, fume hoods

RS 003

Laboratory Safety Inspections

Laboratory safety, inspections, escalation procedure

RS 101

Minors in Laboratories

Minors in labs, prohibited, university-sponsored programs

RS 102

Incident Reporting

Research, Incidents, accidents, exposures, IBC, IACUC, IRB, Radiation Safety Committee, committee chair

RS 103

Accident/Incident Investigation

Accident, incident, reporting, investigation

RS 104

Lab Closures

Lab closure, relocation, moving, responsibilities, department chair, designated individual, waste management, labeling, hazardous materials, disinfection

RS 105

Procedure for New Laboratories

Laboratory set up, checklist, chemical inventory, PPE,  biosafety cabinet certification

RS 106

Use of Extension Cords & Surge Protectors

Extension cords, surge protections, laboratories

RS 107


Blood collection, sample collection, Institutional Review Board (IRB)

RS 202

Controlled Substances in Research

Drugs, controlled substances, research, DEA, documentation, training


Safe Use of UV Radiation

Ultraviolet light, UV


Alcohol Policy

alcohol, consumption, approval, university-affiliated, students, employees, event registration


Biological Safety Manual

Biosafety levels, Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), decontamination, biosafety cabinets, biohazardous waste, Occupational Health


Hazardous Material Spill Contingency Plan

Chemical spill, hazardous waste, emergency response, contractor


Hazardous Material Spill Contingency Plan – Quick Guide

Hazardous waste, satellite accumulation area, first responders


Security Plan for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials, security, transportation, shipping, risk assessment, training

May 17, 2024