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Cochlear Implant Lab

The Cochlear Implant Lab is located in South Stadium Hall. The CI Lab is designed primarily for behavioral research with pediatric and adult cochlear implant users in collaboration with the UT Cochlear Implant clinical program. The CI lab houses one sound treated room and equipment designed for presenting and recording a variety of acoustic and electronic stimuli. The CI lab also has a Tobii ProSpectrum 300 screen-based eye-tracker for experiments evaluating audio-visual speech perception and pupilometry. Several workstations allow undergraduate and graduate students to design and carry out research projects in the CI lab.

  • Relating single-channel electrophysiologic responses (ECAP) with speech understanding and cognitive abilities in adult cochlear implant user.
  • The role of cognitive load in challenging listening conditions
  • Word learning in young cochlear implant listeners

We are currently recruiting normal hearing adults, and adult and pediatric cochlear implant patients, please email the laboratory at for participation opportunities.

Last Published: Sep 6, 2019