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Adult Language and Brain Lab

Directed by Eun Jin Paek, Ph.D.

The Adult Language and Brain Lab is housed at the UT Conference Center. Cognitive and language assessment tools are available to determine our research participants’ cognitive and linguistic abilities, and cutting-edge devices such as iPad or MacBook are prepared to help deliver various treatment activities. fMRI scans will be collected in the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

  • Test-retest reliability of fMRI language measures in dementia and healthy older adults
  • Neural correlates of different verbal fluency measures in dementia
  • Neural correlates of naming attempts associated with language treatment in Alzheimer’s dementia and primary progressive aphasia
  • Effects of psycholinguistic factors on confrontation naming responses and brain activation patterns 
If you would like to participate in or learn more about our research projects, please call 865-974-5277.
May 26, 2022