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UTHSC Procedures for Research Safety

No. Title Description
RS 001 Chemical Hygiene Plan Requirements for laboratory personnel handling hazardous chemicals.
RS 002 Exposure Control Plan Procedures for personnel with potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
RS 003 Laboratory Safety Inspections Details the laboratory inspection program and escalation procedure for addressing findings.
RS 101 Minors in Laboratories Procedure Generally prohibits the presence of minors in research laboratories or details the requirements for their presence in these areas.
RS 102 Incident Reporting Procedure Reporting requirements for research related incidents involving the IBC, IACUC, IRB or Radiation Safety Committee.
RS 103 Accident/Incident Investigation Procedure Investigation of research related accidents/incidents by Research Safety Affairs.
RS 104 Lab Closeout Procedure Assigns responsibilities and details the procedure for lab closures or relocations.
RS 105 Procedure for New Laboratories Procedure for setting up new laboratory space. It is geared towards connecting new Principal Investigator with information necessary to get started.
RS 106 Use of Extension Cords and Surge Protectors Procedure Use of extension cords and surge protectors in research space.
RS 107 Phlebotomy Blood collection, sample collection, Institutional Review Board (IRB)
RS 202 Controlled Substances in Research Procedure Managing and handling controlled substances in research; includes inventory form and use logs.
  Hazardous Material Spill Contingency Plan Procedure for responding to hazardous chemical spills on campus.
  Hazardous Material Spill Contingency Plan – Quick Guide Information for first responders involved in campus emergency or spill response activities.
  Security Plan for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials Procedure for ensuring the safe and secure transportation of hazardous materials.
Dec 8, 2023